Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday 23rd of November 2010

I have been trying to focus on my 50 miler race coming up in Feb but it hasnt started great as I seem to have picked up an injury! too much too soon I guess. Anyway, couple of days no running and I guess I will be ok.
Last week I did a 23k run, a 15k run some interval work and then a 28k run. This week so far I have managed to do a 17k run but I think thats going to be it for a few days.
I am trying hard to work on the "easy" running. I think this is where my injury has come from as I was focusing on "slow" rather than "easy" and I think I must have been running odd. Ill try again later in the week to throw in a 30k but easy rather than slow.
Now MTBing to work again so that will help to keep the cycling going for a little while. Ill get focused on the IM again after Feb.
going to go do some reading about ultra marathons! fun stuff

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday 17th of November 2010 - 50 miler coming up!!

The training is going pretty well. The lonegr run this week went much better. During a moment of madness I have agreed with a mate of mine to do a 50 mile race! great....I think....
Anyway, better go for a run

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wednesday 10th of November 2010

I am now back into my training and starting to take it more seriously again. I am now doing this as a weekly plan:

Monday - Run 10k of intervals
Tuesday - Spin for 1 hour or turbo trainer for an hour
Wednesday - 20 to 25k run
Thursday - 1 hour hard spin
Friday - 2 hours turbo trainer (this is my plan anyway!)
Saturday - 16k run as fast as I can.
Sunday - nothing!

My aim is to keep this up for a few weeks and work on what I am eating too to keep myself getting in better shape!
Then I plan to add 2 swims a week into this. When the weather warms up I will swap a spin for a long bike ride with some intervals.

I am signed in for Challenge UK so that is what I am now focusing on and I really really would love to go close to 10 hours! 9:59:59 would be fine.