Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tuesday 23rd of November 2010

I have been trying to focus on my 50 miler race coming up in Feb but it hasnt started great as I seem to have picked up an injury! too much too soon I guess. Anyway, couple of days no running and I guess I will be ok.
Last week I did a 23k run, a 15k run some interval work and then a 28k run. This week so far I have managed to do a 17k run but I think thats going to be it for a few days.
I am trying hard to work on the "easy" running. I think this is where my injury has come from as I was focusing on "slow" rather than "easy" and I think I must have been running odd. Ill try again later in the week to throw in a 30k but easy rather than slow.
Now MTBing to work again so that will help to keep the cycling going for a little while. Ill get focused on the IM again after Feb.
going to go do some reading about ultra marathons! fun stuff

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  1. Hey Johan,

    Hows your injury recovering? Any training these days?