Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday 26th of Feb 2010

Up early again. Nice change as it was +2c!!
Had a quick half hour swim. Did some speed work and then the pool just got too full.
Home for a quick coffe and then on my bike to work. 10k run at lunch at pace 5min per k. Legs needs to just have a strech out after yesterday. They feel tired!
I am trying very hard to convince my wife that I need to fork out some serious cash for a Planet X TT bike :) fingers crossed!
Will cycle home, chill this evening and try to do 1 or 2 hours on the turbo trainer tomorrow and maybe a swim Sunday!
Have a good weekend.

dream dream dream!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday 25th of Feb 2010

A nice early start. Woke before the alarm as usual. I can at least say that my body clock is now well trained!!
Cycled to work in -2 which was a treat compared to the -5 of the last few days. Got to work, changed and met up with my two running buddies. None of us were feeling great but we set off anyway. Two small water bottles and 3 energy gels on my we go. Ok so after 10 steps my left calf muscle is hurtiing, one mates heart rate is up to 170 and the other feels like hell, nice start! It sleated the whole way and after 18k one of my mates was in real trouble so I hung back with him. We met another mate coming the other way who joined us and so 2 went off faster and we just jogged along at around 5 min pace. My mate really had a hard run so I was just pleased to see him finish. We did it in under 2 hours so it was an ok pace from my point of view (5 min per K for 24k).
Now my legs feel like hell and I will not be running again before Monday...then ill do another 24k!
Will cycle home very gently this afternoon! May have a swim in the morning and Ill try to get a turbo trainer session in over the next day or two.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday 24th of Feb 2010

Day of rest today. Had a great swim last night. Cycled to work today and will cycle back. Thats it though for today. The plan is to do 24k again tomorrow morning! Lets see how that goes.
The weather may be on the up as far as temp goes so I hope that next week I may be able to head out for a long ride! fingers crossed.
Will update tomorrow am after 2nd half marathon of the week.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tuesday 23rd of Feb 2010

Another cold start to the day. Cycled to work. Legs felt slow and heavy...not a great feeling but also not a big suprise really.
Did an hour of spinning at lunch which was pretty intense! Will cycle home and then have an hour swim this evening. Was planning to do another half marathon in the morning but right now it seems like a bad idea..lets see.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday 22nd of Feb 2010

I know what you're thinking, "ideal running conditions"! that's what I thought too. I was woken by the wind and swirling snow...lets go running I thought. So at 5:15 I kind of fell out of bed, auto piloted my way down stairs into my cycling kit and made my way to work..-6c and windy so I couldn't feel my face or hands by the time I got to work. Then into my running kit with thermal under trousers. Out side to get a satellite lock and off we went for a 24k run. Around 1 hour and 50 minutes later we were back! Herm....I must have lost a few marbles in the last few months! what the heck am I doing out running in this crappy weather.
I had a very quiet weekend with no phys except a quick 5k to go pick my car up yesterday. Oh and that was only -5c!  My geography must have been worse than I thought as I never realised Denmark was in the Arctic Circle!
Will cycle back home this afternoon and then tomorrow some spinning and swimming!
Have a good one!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday 19th of Feb 2010

Snow snow snow! soooo bored of snow! We had another 3 inches last night!
Up early, managed to slip and slide the car to the pool and do 1k. Then spent half an house clearing snow from the path outside our house (thats the law here). Cycled to work which was fun in the snow! a few hairy moments!
Ran 10k at work with an avg pace of 4:30 per k. Very happy with the pace but found it hard today. I think I am getting to a stage where I need a few days to rest a little and just let my body repair it self!
Will cycle home then out for a few beers tonight! got to train the liver too at some point!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday 18th of Feb 2010

Another early start today. Good uick ride to work and then a really hard 1 hour spinning session! HR up at 165 the whole time. Legs like jelly now. Will cycle home later.
Tomorrow I plan to swim in the am, cycle to work and then do a speed session in running at lunch time! hermm..doesnt sound that tempting right now.
Found a company that I can get a full mono carbon TT frame delieverd for £400! do I do it???

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday 17th of Feb 2010

Morning! Had a really great swim last night. Getting much faster and am finding the breathing much better now. Hurray!! At last its starting to pay off. I think 3 days a week is much better.
Cycled to work as usual and will do a v gentle 10k run today. Then cycle home. Back to blog a little later. Looking for Carbon bike frame from far east! lets see how I get on.

Update 12:01pm - Ok so I ran 10k at 5 min pace (just under) with a HR of 148. All good - BUT my legs are soooo tired. I am sure Monday was too much for me and I will have to bring down the pace for my half marathon Mondays! Had lunch but still feel hungry!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tuesday 16th of Feb 2010

Up early today having slept better. Legs felt like hell when I woke up... wil have to reconcider the pace next Monday! Cycled to work. Spinning at lunch time which was pretty intence today!
Will cycle home and then this evening will go swimming for an hour or so.
My legs are sooooo tired though.
More later

PS just found this:
Could be one for 2011 me thinks!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday 15th Of Feb 2010

Well its the start of another week. I didnt have a very restful weekend. Did 1 hour turbo trainer on Saturday after running around a forest with my daughter on a hourse! was meant to be just walking around but the teacher thought it would be fun to run in 10 inches of snow...nice. Sunday did 2k swim which went really really well so am very pleased with that and then did some gym work to encourage my wife (who did very well) and also to work on my upper body a little.

This morning I was up at 5:30 again..very hard to drag my self up today though as I didnt have a great sleep. Cycled to work and then met one of the guys here and did another half marathon. Avg of 4:36 per k and a new PB of 1h:36m for the whole thing. Legs tired but mind very happy!

Have heard some really funny phrases recently from guys here:

"Pain is just weekness leaving the body"
"There is a fine line between stupi and cool"

My fave is when they say "We'll just take it nice and easy" with a smirk on the face which means were going to go flat out!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 12th of Feb 2010

Didn't cycle to work today but went for a quick run (10k - 4:30 pace). Im feeling really tired today though. I had quite an intense day at work this morning and just using my brain seems to have tipped me over the edge into being totally waisted. Plan to drive home soon and sit on my rear and do almost nothing.
There are probably many fit people out there thinking I am being a bit dramatic but I think the last 3 or 4 weeks of more full on training have come as a shock to my body and its crying out for rest.

The good news is I am supposed to do another 21k on Monday morning at 6:30am at 4:40 pace! joy of joys.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Thursday 11th of Feb 2010

So today started early. Up at 5:15, in the pool by 6am, did 2k. Started off feeling quite hard but it got better. I then cycled to work which felt really hard! I think my legs are finding it tough!
I now plan to spin for an hour and then after work I will cycle home. That will be a good day of swim and cycle.
I plan to add some more pics soon of what the place looks like after 3 weeks of -3 to -10c weather!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wednesday 10th of Feb 2010

Had a great swim last night. Did over 2k and it was string quick swimming with very few breaks! really pleased as I wasnt looking forward to it!
Cycled to work this morning quick, felt hard as my legs are now getting tired...this brings me on nicely to running 10 this moning in a few menutes time! doh!
Will update after run!

Ok, back now after mu run. Did 10.3 k at around 4:55 pace. Kept the hr below 158 and felt quite strong until the last 2k. My legs started to hurt and I could feel the ks from Monday starting to take effect. All in all a good run and I am still showing signes of improvement...this is the most important thing for me at this stage. I would like to improve in some way every week.

Now just to cycle home...I may hop onto my trubo trainer for an hour tonight, lets see.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tuesday 9th of Feb 2010

Slightly later start today as I was feeling tired this morning. My daughter decided that Mum and Dads bed is better than hers and that Dads side was especially nice...cheaper Christmas gift coming her way this year!!
Cycled hard to work and could feel the effects of yesterdays run. Foot a little tender but better than I feared. Did a great 45min spinning workout today and Ill also be cycling home. This evening will be swim training - 800 meter warm up, 700 meters to follow and then 500 meteres speed work. Lets see how it goes!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday 8th of Deb 2010

Had a nice quiet weekend. Did not exercise at all!
Up at 5:15am this morning, quick cycle to work in -6c which was a real treat! even the brakes on my mtb (hydrolic) were frozen! Met up with a training buddy from work and by 6:20 we were running. 1 hour and 37 minutes later I had beaten by pb for 21k by over 7 minutes! 3 energy gels and two small waters were used on the run. My heart rate was 158 on avg so that was also an improvement!
My right foot isnt too bad either but I guess it will feel worse later. Im going to try to keep it moving as much as possible.
Ill ride home at the end of the day and then take my little girl swimming..then I think I will collapse in a huge pile and sleep!
My legs are tired but I feel really pleased.
Great start to the week.

Quick Update - My bike travel case arrived just now...its massive!! Next time I go on hols with the family we could put all our stuff in 1 bag!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday 5th of Feb 2010

Cycled to work again. Had too much wine last night so my brain is not working! Plan to run 10k with some pace this morning and then cycle home!

Pic of bike with new bars! managed to get the cabling all sorted yesterday. Check out the state of my training room! high tech stuff I know....organised mind...blah blah blah

My bike sits in its turbo trainer right in front of the telly and I find that watching an hour long episode of band of brothers or something like that keeps me going...Will try to put something long on like Avatar when it comes out and see if I cant ride the whole way through!
Update - Did the 10.2k run at an avg pace of 4:30, very pleased as it felt really hard today, I guess wine, hot food and late night are not the best warm up really! I intend to pack all alco in for a month to clean the system out. I feel like I am on the edge of getting really fit. I need to keep this level of effort up and I am pretty sure it will pay off soon.
My week so far:

Monday 1/2/2010 Running 1:45h 21.5km
Tuesday 2/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Tuesday 2/2/2010 Spinning 0:50h 25km
Tuesday 2/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Wednesday 3/2/2010 Simming 0:30 1.5km
Wednesday 3/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Wednesday 3/2/2010 Running 0:45h 10km
Wednesday 3/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Thursday 4/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Thursday 4/2/2010 Spinning 0:50h 25km
Thursday 4/2/2010 Cycling 0:25h 8.5km
Friday 5/2/2010 Cycling 0:20h 8.5km
Friday 5/2/2010 Running 0:45h 10.2km
Friday 5/2/2010 Cycling 0:20h 8.5km

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thursday 4th of Feb 2010

Cycled to work and back. 1 hour intence spinning, 10 minutes of heavy leg wiegths..all done for today!
Have decided to add some pressure to the whole ironman campaign by trying to raise money of the Help for Heroes charity! will keep you posted.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday, 3rd of Feb 2010

Woke up to 8 inches of snow...dug the car out at 6:30 am and went to the pool. Quick 1k and then home. Cycled to work in the snow! great workout and great for bike skills! almost knocked off bike and almost fell off about 10 times..great fun though. Went for a 10k run at 10:30, last 2k in 4:15 to 4:30 pace. Very pleased with the run after Mondays efforts.
Tomorrow up early and into spinning class.
Put some new profile bars on my tri bike so will post some pics soon..looks the nuts! now just need to get faster to avoid the "nice bike" comments by people thrashing me on race day!!
PLEASE CAN IT STOP SNOWING AT SOME POINT!!!!!!! less than 195 days to go and I really need to get some ks in on the bike....

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday 2nd of Feb 2010

My legs feel as bad as I thought they would be expected I guess. My right foot is holding out just so I will see what its like tomorrow before deciding if I will run or not. Did a really good 1 hour of spinning at lunch and cycled to work and back. All in all not bad after yesterdays efforts.
Feel very tired now though so will skip the swim tonight.

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st of Feb 2010 part 2

A PB of 1:42 for 21k! We did a total of 22k. It was snowing the whole way, slippery underfoot so I think we can beat that time in the next week or 2 depending on the weather. Anyway, I am very happy with the run. I would never go as far as saying it was easy as it wasnt but I knew I would do it and I did. The aim is to throw one of these in every week from now on! Just need to sqeese 200k of bike in every week and 4k swimming!! need longer days.

1st of Feb 2010

Rested Friday. Did 1 hour on the bike trainer Saturday night and then Sunday went to the gym and did some cycling, upper body and 5 min run to cool down. Today (Monday) I am at work 6 am to meet with some guys and do a 22k run!
Herm...2 inches more snow but atleast its a warm 0c!

Will let you know how it goes when I am back....if....
I still have some issues with my foot so today is going to be a real test, I think I will need to rest from running for 2 days after today.