Monday, 16 November 2009

239 to 240 - 14th and 15th of November

Saturday was rest rest rest. Sunday got up and went for a swim sesh. Had a great swim, started off with 1k none stop in 20 minutes which I was pleased with. Then just did some facter work. Did 20 min on my turbo trainer, got a puncture!!!!!! what! Then as I was changing my tyre my back went!! not a great day for training.....really p*ssed off about my back as it sets me back again. I am going to try to get a better bike fit as I am sure that is something to do with it. Just resting again now and Tuesday I will have a short cycle to work and back and a swim..lets just see how it goes. Going to stay off the tri bike until I can get the fit right, have had enough of back injuries now to know its more than an accident!! damn damn damn

Friday, 13 November 2009

239 - 13th of November 2009

Just cycled to work and back today. Legs feel tired today so I am giving myself some extra rest. Plan to swim this weekend and also put some time in on my bike if I can.
Great week of phys.
Will try to include a few extra pcitures from now on too as the blog looks a little dull!

As promised here is the bike on the trainer...just need to get used to this bloggig thing to find ways to make it mire interesting!

238 - 12th of November 2009

Yesterday I went home slightly early and spent 1 hour on the turbo trainer. I think this is actually really good training and I was tired with sore legs by the end! Also get to watch some old DVDs while at it!
Today I cycled to work, did some work...the ran 10k in 47 minutes with a colleague. Then cycled home. Pretty good run and felt strong. Legs getting a little tired by the end.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

237 - 11th of November 2009

Swim was a miniture nightmare! couldnt get into a rythem and I felt like I was stopping between each arm stroke!! My legs do nothing in the water except slow me down when I try to use them!! I still did 3k though so it cant all be bad. I think I may need to accept that my legs will never work in the water and just use my arms and only let my legs keep ballance!! Its a pain but I am not going to lose sleep over it! It would be very easy to get a little down hearted about the swim but when I put it into context I have still improved and can now see my self actually finishing the swim part of my iron distance race! will try to get another swim in this week.
Today I plan to go home early and get on my turbo trainier and crack out 1 hour of serious indoor cycling!! lets see how that goes.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

236 - 10th of November 2009

Its swimming this evening! My swim coach has just sent me the workout!
200m free warm up
8 * 50m technique
100m, 200m, 400m, 400m, 200m, 100m all with a short rest between (30sec)
4 * 100 tempo
8 * 50 speed (25 easy 25 100%)
8 * 25 speed
100m warm down.

I hope to survive and tell you how it felt!!!

235 9th of November

Felt much better today. Did 10 K in 44 minutes so a new PB!! The running is coming on well now so I just aim to keep up the k's and try to do more interval work. My 10k has now come down by well over 10 minutes so I am well pleased.

Monday, 9 November 2009

234 - 8th of November 2009

Managed to drink far too much red wine last night when we had some visitors! not a great idea but was fun. Had to work all day today but I managed to get a quick 5k run in to just help clear the head.
I am going to try to work out how to add my garmin webpage to this blog....lets see

233 - 7th of November 2009

Managed to get my hands on a turbo trainer! its an old one but it will do for now. I set it up and managed to crack out 45 minutes. Really quite hard work. Very different to road ride as the resistance is so constant - I think this could be a really good training tool and will allow me to do more frequent 1 hour + sessions. Im going to set a telly and PC up so that I can get some kind of entertainment going while I train. Its a little dull with no view!
I am also going to video my self to see if I can get my bike set up a little better.

Friday, 6 November 2009

182 - 232 Up to 6th of November 2009

Back again...I haven't been updating my blog for a while but I have been training!

My weekly training plan looks something like this now:

Sunday - swim 2 to 3 k (still my worst discipline!).
Monday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), Run 10k at 5min or less pace.
Tuesday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), swim 2 to 3 k with swim coach.
Wednesday - cycle 50k (some weeks 80k) at 30kph avg, cycle 10k back from work.
Thursday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), run intervals or 5 k as fast as I can.
Friday - Cycle 50k at 30kph avg, cycle 10k back from work, sometime throw in 5k run.
Saturday - rest.

I also try to throw in some gym work but its a little random at the moment.

This is my plan, I try to follow this as much as I can but I also vary it a little. This week for example I have done no big rides, I did some hill work instead as the weather is pants.
I plan to get a turbo trainer for some in door cycling too.

I have made some big gains. My heart rate is now between 140 and 150 when I run 4:50 to 5:00 min pace! this was above 170 only a few months ago. My running is much better and I have made a really big effort to work on my style of running, I actually think this is where I have found my biggest improvements. My advice is to run with better runners and watch how they run and try to take advice from them. Run tall and don't slap your feet down.

My cycling is ok. I have just booked to go to Mallorca for a week in April for some solid cycle training with 50 crazy Danish guys! going to be an experience! I think my fitness improvements would take me the distance on the bike but I really still need bigger stronger legs, I am now working hard on this so that my pace improves.

As I may have hinted above, I now have help with my swimming!! a friend at works used to race at club level and has been coaching me! it has made a huge difference. My legs are terrible still and I can only just do 50 meters if I use my legs alone! but we are working on it and my pace is much better, also I have more control of my breathing. I still have a lot to do but I am now confident that by August 2010 I will not be stopping at the swim stage!!!

I am using my Garmin 310xt all the time now and am getting used to it, I am also logging my training on line at Garmin connect.

I am fitter that I ever have been and I feel so much better for it. Smoking is a distant memory and I feel so sure I wont go back to it as I now have a new vice! 200 odd days ago I decided to do something for my self and I think its one of my best ever decisions! woo hoo for me...ok enough of that rubbish...I am off for a run..

Friday, 18 September 2009

181 - 17th of September 2009

Cycled 50k at 30kph so quite pleased. Need to get back into the cycling after a long break

180 - 18th of September 2009

Ran 5 k quick. also cycled to work and back. Legs a little sore but not too bad.

179 - 15th of September 2009

Ran 15K at quite a good pace. Finally feel like I am getting rid of the flue! Also had my first swim lesson!! got a lot to work on.

178 - 16th of September 2009


177 - 14th of September 2009


176 - 13th of September 2009


175 - 12th of September 2009


174 - 11th of September 2009


Thursday, 10 September 2009

173 - 10th of September 2009

10k run, pretty hard. Made appointment to see doc as this sickness just isnt shifting and is really getting on my nerves now. Enough!! Also, cycled to work and back.

172 - 9th of September 2009

Rest, just cycled to work

171 - 8th of September 2009

Cycle to work and back, rest

170 - 7th of September 2009

10k run as fast as I could and cycled to work and back fast too. Still got sore throat and lungs!

151 - 169 20/08 to 6/09 2009

Holiday and swine flu has destroyed my training!!! just one 10k run in all this time. Trying to get back into it now.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

150 - 19th of August 2009

Just a gentle ride to work and back today. Plan to swim tomorrow. I am away for the weekend but on my return an ex swim racer here at work has agreed to coach me! at last my swim may get better. I dont bother putting some of my swims on the blog as they are pretty worthless right now.

149 - 18th of August 2009

55k bike ride. Pretty quick and had a race on the way back so that was nice. Did I mention that I won!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee

148 - 17th of August 2009

Ran to work 10k and then ran home 10k. Legs a littlre sore now but ill stay off running for a few days now.

146 147 - 15th & 16th of August 2009

Nothing but drink far too much beer! not a great fitness weekennd was had

Friday, 14 August 2009

Day 145 - 14th of August 2009

30K bike ride with some hill sprints (2). Felt fast and strong once warmed up. Will try to do more of this from now on as I need to get my speed up a little

Day 144 - 13th of August 2009

Rest rest rest and then went swimming in the eve with a triathlon club! nice to get some help finally!

Day 143 - 12th of August 2009

5K run with a guy called Stig from work. Nice pace around a lake! very nice

Day 142 - 11th of August 2009

10K run with guys at work. Good pace. Also swam for 30 mins this morning - really need to get some help with this! its kind of frustrating now.

Day 141 - 10th of August 2009

Did 50k bike ride. Felt great to be back on the bike too

Day 140 - 9th of August 2009

Did 20K run today. Very hot weather too so was hard work!

Day 139 - 8th of August 2009

I think I did 10Kn run, not sure

Day 137 to 138 - 6th and 7th of August 2009

Travelling back from hols.

Day 136 - 5th of August 2009

Quick 5 K run. As fast as I could again

Day 135 - 4th of August 2009

Just swimming in the pool and messing about.

Day 134 - 3rd of August 2009

Did 1o K run as fast as I could in France. Good work out as it was very hot too!
Also purchased my wetsuit! Got to love decatholon shop in France!

Day 133 - 2nd of August 2009

Just playing around at the pool

Day 132 - 1st of August 2009

Woke up to 25 degress sunshine in France and went for a 5k run. Quite hilly so a little different to what I am used to. We had a pool so I did a little swimmin too.

Day 129 to 131 - 29th to 31st of July 2009

Missed a few days from my memory here as I was driving accross 3 countries to go on holiday! I did a bike ride I think on the Friday and maybe a run some where too.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day 128 - 28th of July 2009

Got up early. Swam 1K, didnt enjoy the swim as I am still a rubbish swimmer..keep the practice going I keep thinking!!
Then did 50 to 60k bike ride which felt really fast and strong so well pleased with my morning. Ran 5 k at work with a friend and the cycled home fast as I could too.

Day 127 - 27th of July 2009

Got up early and ran 10k. Great run and felt much faster than usual. Then cycled to work fast and then back later. All in all a good day of phys.

Day 126 - 26th of July 2009

Was going to do big run but felt tired so thought it was a little pointless. Did nice bike ride with kids instead. They also had a swim!

Day 125 - 25th of July 2009

Rest, short cycle rides etc but mainly rest

Friday, 24 July 2009

Day 124 - 24th of July 2009

Cycled 52k this morning in 1hour and 38 mins so quite pleased. was a good ride.

Day 123 - 23rd of July 2009

Swam this morning. Getting better. really trying hard to go slow but good. My breathing is the big issue I am trying to work on. Did about 1.5k.

Ran 10k in the eve. Trying to work hard to my technique and it seems to have paid off as I had my best 10k!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day 122 - 22nd of July 2009

Ran to work today at 5.27min k pace. Little slower than I had hoped but still ok. Will now try to switch to slower longer runs. I need to get a few more half marathons in this month!

Day 121 - 21st of July 2009

Up early and swam 1k. Really trying hard to improve the tech side of the swimming. I feel that this a week area for me! oh dear. Cycled to work and back too.

Day 120 - 20th of July 2009

Cycled to work and back and did a quick 5k run in the evening as fast as I could.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 119 - 19th of July 2009

Up at 5 am. Out the house at 5:30am. 4 hours later and 120km laters I am home! had a great ride. Felt good most of the way and found some great roads just on the sea side. Legs not too bad and I think the bike seat is starting to get more cumfy! thank god. avg of 30kmh. Now I plan to drop the distance down to around teh 60k mark and build the speed up to 35kmh. Then ill try to build up with that.

Day 118 - 18th of July 2009

Rest. If that can include spending the whole day strimming garden bushes and clearning away the mess!

Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 117 - 17th of July 2009

Ran to work this morning. Didnt take any water which was a mistake as it was really hot! 5:21 avg for 10.2k so quite happy with that.
Now rest until Sunday and then perhaps a cycle ride or run.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Day 116 - 16th of July 2009

Cycled to work and back quite hard.
Gym at lunch today and planned to do 1 hour run but did 30 mins fast. It was way to hot in there so I couldn't go on anymore! Decided not to do any realy strangth work as I am still worried about my back!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day 115 - 15th of July 2009

Up at 5am and cycled 95km in 3:10 which I think is around the 30kmh mark. Very happy with the ride. Didnt use the tri bars much as I was worried about my back so I think I could have shaved a good few minutes off the trip. Very happy though as its 15km more than I need to do in my first triathlon in October!! Dont know how far I would have gotten on a run afterwards though! also didnt swim 2k before that! getting a little worried now but am going to put 110% into my training now so at least I can give it my best shot! seeing as less that 4 months ago I was smoking over 10 a day and drinking like a fish I feel quite chuffed really!

Ok, thats enough back slapping for one day :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 114 - 14th of July 2009

Meant to go swimming this morning. Pool was closed when I got there so just cycled to work and back again. Planning to do a good cycle ride in the morning so lets see how my back handles the tri bars again!!

Day 113 - 13th of July 2009

Drove to work and back as I had to pcik kids up. Then went for a 55 minute as fast as I could manage run in the evening. Quite happy with it as its been a while! Managed just under 5.5 pace. Really need to bring that down to 5 asap.

Day 111 to 112 - 11th and 12th of July 2009

Had the kids for the weekend. Ate loads of bad food, did some short cycle rides with the kids and generally totally didnt think about anything appart from my kids! I can tell you that being a man servant to 2 small kids is harder than a marathon! But more fun too.

Day 110 - 10th of July 2009

Again just a cycle to work

Day 109 - 9th of July 2009

Just a cycle ride to work today again. Did it as hard as I could. Back holding up ok ish.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 108 - 8th of July 2009

Managed to cycle to work today quite slowly. Just want to get my back working again slowly. Will be taking it v slow to start with and will probably try to rest as much as possible until next Monday/Tuesday. I really want to get rid of this problem and then get back into training for real!
Good to be back on my bike anyway though. Better than sitting in traffic!

Day 107 - 7th of July 2009

Back still a problem. Just rest today

Monday, 6 July 2009

Day 103 to 106 - 3rd to 6th of July 2009

Injuery!!!!! my back went Thursday eve. What a blow! spent Friday in hospital as I have a history with my back but the good news is that its just a muscle! teh bad news is that its still not right so this week is gointg to be very light on training!! really not a great feeling.
damn damn damn! I was just starting to make some progress.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 102 - 2nd of July 2009

Got up at 6am, went to the pool and it was closed!! It seems that its so hot in Copenhagen right now that even the pools break...great.

So not to be downhearted I went home, put my cycling kit on and went for a 50km blast. Started a little dodgy in the legs but after half an hour I seemed to wake up and put in my fastest ride ever. Even managed to go up the usual hill quickly. Nice feeling and a great day for cycling.

Just been asked to go for another 10k run at work tomorrow!! oh no!! this is going to hurt.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 101 - 1st of July 2009

Cycled to work and back.
Did quater hour of interval running in the gym and 45 min of upper body work and also squats.

Day 100 - 30th of June 2009

100 days!! woo hoo. I feel kind of happy with my self..almost smug you might say.
Did a 10 k run today with an ironman finisher and a marathon runner...jesus, that is the hardest run I have done for a long time. 4.5min/k pace for the first 5k! then around 5min/k. Just dropped back in the last 2 k but finished. Almost killed me in the heat.
Also swam this mornin. 1K in half hour. Getting better just need to work on the breathing so I can do continuos laps.
Also cycled hard to work and slowly home. All in all a good day!

Day 99 - 29th of June 2009

Cycled to work. Rest

Day 98 - 28th of June 2009

Did 80k cycle this morning at a good pÄace (just over 30kmh). Great morning for it. Really enjoyed it too. Bike feels great. Very happy on the tri bars now.

Day 97 - 27th of June 2009

Rest rest rest

Day 96 - 26th of June 2009

Didn't do a big cycle this morning. Just cycled to work. Went for a 5k run at lunchtime and then cycle home.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Day 95 - 25th of June 2009

Swam this morning for half an hour. Trying hard to go from lap to lap without any break - not working. I really need to relax my swimming and try to sort my breathing out. I am going to try hard to get to swim training this weekend.
Cycled hard to work. Plan to do cycle ride tomorrow morning. Not sure how far yet.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 94 - 24th of June 2009

Ran to work as fast as I could and again did it in around 53 minutes. Hard work as it was hot this morning but good stuff.

Day 92 to 93 - 22nd to 23rd of June 2009

Just cycled to work and back as fast as I could.

Day 90 to 91 - 20th to 21st of June 2009


Day 89 - 19th of June 2009

Ran to work with a PB for 10k of around 53 minutes. Not that fast I know but I was v happy with it!

Day 88 - 18th of June 2009

Swam in the morning. Cycled to work. My mum is staying over so I am trying to limit my hours slightly.

Day 87 - 17th of June 2009

Rest, just cycled to work

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Day 86 - 16th of June 2009

Got up at 4:30am! Did 100k bike ride (look at the view! - thats Sweden in the background). Buetiful day for riding. No wind until the last hour. Rode for around 3 hours. Felt good.
Ride home after work and then plan to sit around doing not much! lets see what the kids think of that.

Day 85 - 15th of June 2009

Got up early, went for a swim. 50 meter pool. Managed around 1000 meters but only in 50 to 100 meter chunks! I need to work on breathing and what to do with my legs! I also need to try to get long slow stroken going and not try to go to fast. Cycled to work too quite hard and back. all in all a good day.

Day 84 - 14th of June 2009

Went swimming!! Ok so I have a lot of swim training to do! Its been a long time. Great to get started though. Just did 400 meters or so.

Day 83 - 13th of June 2009

Sweet sweet rest!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Day 82 - 12th of June 2009

Ok so I went a little over the top yesterday. I did 20 min of "fast as you can" running in the gym followed by 30 min of hard upper body training. Then I ran home in heavy rain leaving my bike at work...great idea and it felt great until I woke up with very sore legs and I had to run to work as my bike wasnt at home!! doh. Anyway the good news was that it wasnt just raining very heavy this morning it was also very windy...great! Now I feel like I have run a marathon. But I do feel good for doing it. I know I have to work on my running a little harder so this counts as a little harder.
I am still very angry that some scum bag now has my germin 305 sports watch! Those little babies are not cheap. Oh well, better spend more time at work :(

Will cycle home this eve. Day of rest tomorrow and then try to joing the cycle gang on Sunday for a quick 40K and a 5 k off the bike run.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Day 81 - 11th of June 2009

Cycled to work on my mtb quite fast. Going to run 11k home and then run back in tomorrow morning. I am also going to do some upper body weights.
I feel slightly unmotivated and I really need to get back into this as soon as I can. Will be looking for another heart rate watch :(

Day 81 - 10th of June 2009

Arrived back last night from a weekend away to find that my house has been burgled!! Lost everything including my new heart rate watch. Bit of a blow. Bikes are still in the garage though so got to take some positives from that I guess. Cycle to work and back as hard and aggresivly as I could just to vent some anger! low life scum.

Day 74 to 80 - 3rd to 9th of June 2009

Away at a wedding. Just resting.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Day 73 - 2nd of June 2009

Felt tired early in the day. Did 80 k ride in the afternoon! avg speed of 30.5kph so was pretty thrilled by that! Did 3 k run after which felt terrible! I really need to keep the pace up with my training! good stuff.

Day 73 - 2nd of June 2009

Felt tired early in the day. Did 80k ride in the afternoon! avg speed of 30.5kph so was pretty thrilled by that! Did 3 k run after which felt terrible! I really need to keep the pace up with my training! good stuff.

Day 72 - 1st of June 2009

Did a 40 k easy ride with the local tri club (not that easy though) followed by 5 k fast run. Felt good. Tired afterwards but enjoyed it a lot.

Day 70 to 71 - 30th to 31st of May 2009


Friday, 29 May 2009

Day 69 - 29th of May 2009

Cycled to work hard again. Also.....sign up for Challenge Copenhagen!! Ironman distance race in August 2010! long law off but I have even longer to go before I get that fit!! great to have a goal I guess...gulp...

Day 68 - 28th of May 2009

Cycled to work hard. Ran with the local tri club. Did 5k at 5:30 pace. Legs quickly felt sore again..need more rest. Was good though and they are very helpful. Hope to join them for a cycle ride on Monday morning (bank hols here).

Lets see how that goes

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 66 and 67 - 26 and 27th of May 2009

Didnt do anything much yesterday, just cycled to work and back..which was quite hard in its self I may add!!

Today I did the same but I also went to the gym at lunchtime for 30 min work out. All felt ok. Did a little better so that is still improving!

My legs still hurt. I have found a triathlon club near me who have said I can join them even though I dont speak much Danish! nice one. This should help me as they have coaches....lets see. I start with a quick run Thursday evening.

Feeling more positive today and I have also found out that there is an Ironman distaance race here in Copenhagen in August 2010! I will be putting my name down for that.

Even better new is that a friend of mine read my blog!! cheers Alex, I think your my only reader! please feel free to leave a comment. Perhaps I should bribe my mates a little more!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 65 - 25th of May 2009

My legs are very sore. Cycled to work very slowly. I jus want to get my legs moving again as I am sure it will help them recover. I will do the same tomorrow but I may put in a half hour jog in the gym too to try to losten them up.

Wish me luck with that one as I know its going to hurt!

Day 64 - 24th of May 2009

Herm..where to start...Only managed 37K in the Marathon!! Not a great moment in my life but I have to be honest with my self and just admit that 2 months training just isnt enough after a year of drinking and smoking! I felt good for 28K.

I ran quick for 28k and then very suddenly my legs were in big trouble. Walked for half a K and then managed to get running again. Ran and walked up to 37K and then my legs just gave up. I couldnt move any further and I knew that I was done for. It was still a good experience and I know that more training will result in not only a finish but a nice pace for me too. I always knew it was a risk as I didnt have enough time. I will just put it down as my longest ever training run!! I take my hat off to all the finishers! I have done this one before and I now know how it feels to fall at the last hurdle. Oh well..back to training. I need to get my legs recovered now and then I have to get back into my training. My goal is the Ironman and now I want it even more!! once I do that then this failure will be put to rest.

If you dont try you can't fail but you can also never achieve anything!!

Day 60 to 63 - 20th to 23rd of May 2009

Rest rest rest. Away for a weekend break with the family to a Centre Parcs equivilent here in Denmark. Great fun, kids loved it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day 59 - 19th of May 2009

Did a 40km ride to work this morning on the road bike. Used the aero bars as much as I could and kept a good fast pace. Pushed my self quite hard and I can feel it in my legs.

Gym work out at lunch. Increased wieght for Squats too so I think my legs are getting stronger and stronger.

Will ride home steady. For the rest of this week I will be taking rest days (mostly) as Sunday is the marathon. I intend to run it (all the way) at a gentle pace and use it as my biggest training run! I have no time goal and really I just want to try to enjoy it and get some confidence. As the blog says, its 59 days so far so its still early days. I know that in a few more months I could do it faster and better but its not an option.

Day 58 - 18th of May 2009

Used my mtb to ride to work today. Kept a solid pace there and back. Not a massive training session or anything but just wanted to keep the legs going.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Day 57 - 17th of May 2009

Did a half marathon this morning in the local deer park. Around 2 hours, some hills and did most of it within my heart rate zone. Not fast but I was very happy with the run. No problem with my left leg so I hope that should be ok now.

Next Sunday I will do the Copenhagen marathon so I wont do any more running this week. I may do one big cycle ride and weights but that's it.

I feel quite confident that I will finish the marathon and as long as I don't get injured I really don't care how long it takes me. I feel that completing it will be a big feather in my cap going forward with my training. if I can then do a 180K bike ride I will be well on my way!!

Still no swimming but I hope to start that soon.

Day 56 - 16th of May 2009

rest day. Didnt do much. Legs still a little tired. Weather wet so quite glad its a rest day!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Day 55 - 15th of May 2009

Used my new road bike again this morning. Did approx 60km in two hours.Used the tri bars quite a lot and am starting to like them! Luckily for me a cuaght up with some other cyclists at the worst uphill section and drafted them for a few Kms, my legs were truely dead by then and the short break gave them a good boost. I thne led the group for a couple of Ks to repay the favour and then pealed off and went my own way to work. Was quite good fun.

Going to do weights today too and then cycle home.

Woo hoo, feeling quite good still.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 54 - 14th of May 2009

Rode my mtb to work today. Should have gone slow as today i think I should be resting. Legs are a little sore.

Plan to cycle 40k tomorrow morning but not too quicky. I will also do a gym sesh. Then Sat rest and Sunday a big run. I am thinking of doing 2 hour run Sunday as the following weekend I find my self booked in to do the Copenhagen marathon!!! oops.

Day 53 - 13th of May 2009

Ran 10.7 K this morning. Did it around 5 minutes quicker. I also noticed that I was running faster but still within my hear rate zone. I guess that must be a good sign! I am still not exactly burning the road up with speed but it feels good to see some improvements. Its less than 2 months so far and I feel so much fitter already. A lot of that may be in my head but who cares.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day 52 - 12th of May 2009

Did a great cycle ride this morning. Went up the coast (where it was windy) and looped round to my work. 60k approx in around 2 hours. Legs felt strong after the first half an hour. I think I am getting used to the aero position and managed to use it quite a lot, it even started to help!

Had a gym work out at lunchtime which also went well.

Plan to run to work tomorrow and get a lift home.

great weather does help!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Day 51 - 11th of May 2009

Cycled to work on mountain bike today. Wanted a change and to use some slightly different leg muscles! failed, legs feel like lead!!

Going to cycle home, have some protien shake and then in the morning I am planning to do 60k on the way to work.

Day 50 - 10th of May 2009

Legs a little dead from yesterday. Did a 4k run with my wife while pushing kids in a buggy...harder than I thought it would be!

Day 49 - 9th of May 2009

Got up and did 38 k cycle ride at 30kmh avg. Then did 10 k run. Very happy with the training, bike and how I felt at the end. I could have run further which was a nice way to end!! I feel that I am starting to feel the benefits of the training now. I need to add some distance to my cycling. I also need to start doing some swim training!!

Day 48 - 8th of May 2009

Rest day. Short family cycle ride and just had a fun day really.

Day 47 - 7th of May 2009

Got the bike! cycled to work on it to make sure I had made all adjustments I needed. Very happy with it. It will take some getting used to as its got tri bars on it and is in much more of an aero configuration than what I am used to.

Day 46 - 6th of May 2009

Short cycle ride to work and back. Going to look at a bike this evening as I am sure mine is too small.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Day 45 - 5th of May 2009

Terrible weather this morning but I got my self out on the bike and did 37 Km in 1 hour 20. There are traffic lights so my avg speed wasn't too bad really. I had a great ride. Felt great even though I got soaked through.

I really think the cycling is coming on well. My plan is to do one big 80 to 100km ride quite soon to see how it goes. I had planned to run just after the ride but I was soaked so I decided not to run. I ran at lunch time in the gym instead so that I could avoid the weather. did half hour in zone 3 which felt easy and then did 12 minutes of interval running. all in all felt quite good.

Was getting impatient to crack on with some phys after a long weekend. Still got to cycle home this eve! good stuff.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Days 40 to 44 - April 30th to May4th 2009

Nothing! just looking after my two young kids....that is not what I would describe as resting!! was great to have a break though. My body now feels fully recovered and I have managed to shake the cold too. Planning on a hard week training to start things going again. Unsure if I will run or cycle tomorrow, or if I will do both! My do 40k cycle to work followed by 10K run. Lets see what the morning brings!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day 39 - 29th of April 2009

Had a good slow run to work this morning using the hr monitor. Really felt slow but the good news is that my left leg is better!!!! I will be taking it easy for the next few days anyway as my wifes away and I am on kids duty so no time for me. I have just booked my self in for the Onelasttri2009 event in the UK on Oct 4th! 1.3k swim (must start swimming!), 80K cycle (must do bigger cycle rides!) and a 20K run(must not damage my left leg again!). 6 months to go so I feel that will be fine.....Lets see.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Day 38 - 28th of April 2009

Cycled to work on my MTB. Was an ok ride. Legs a little tired but again had a race with another guy in the last 5K's so that made it more fun. Did 30 min run in the gym to see how my left calf is doing and it seems fine. I still have a damn cold which is frustrating as even 30min running seemed a real effort. Trying not to let it get to me. Next week I plan to run to work again and see if I can get the running back on track. In less than 2 months I plan to start the Ironman training schedule for real! cant believe its been 38 days so far!

Day 37 - 27th of April 2009

Felt better this morning at 6am so decided to hit the road on my bike. Did approx 40km with an avg speed of 28kmh so was quite pleased. Had a good race with two guys on the wya back which was fun. Also, a good gym session at lunchtime for upper body and squats. Have made big gains in all areas which is cool. Cycled home hard too. Also, my new protien shakes powder has arrived (High 5 recovery stuff) and it tastes good. Feeling that my cycling is improving so all in all quite happy.

Day 36 - 26th of April 2009

Again, not feeling great. Had a 3 hour kip rather than do anything!! oh oh not good.

Day 35 - 25th of April 2009

Pretty much a day of rest. Short family cycle ride to the local shops. Feeling tired and I know I have a cold...not great for training.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Day 34 - 24th of April 2009

Cycled this morning. Did around 28km. Didnt feel great. I know I have a cold and I know my legs are feeling like lead. Time for a good rest again. Waiting for some protien shake to arrive at my house this weekend as I think I need to aid my recovery a little. It seems to be taking me a long time to recover.
Im still feeling positive though. I know I have improved in strength, speed and endurance in the 34 days so far. Need to shake this cold and I will be back on track.

Will cycle home the quick way!

Day 33 - 23rd of April 2009

Had too much wine last night at mates leaving drinks. Felt really terrible this morning! didnt smoke which is good. No way I'm doing any phys today!! left leg feels better but I know its not quite right.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Day 32 - 22nd of April 2009

Ran to work this morning. 10.5 k. Ran using the heart rate monitor and tried to stay within the zone the whole way. Felt fine except my damn left leg!!!!! shoudln't have run today...idiot. Am going to try to find a sport physio to help sort my leg out. I snapped the tendon (acheles) a few years ago and its never been quite right. I felt though that if my leg had been ok I could have turned around and run home again. Good stuff. Not a great pace but its only 1 month in and im feeling better than ever. Not running back this evening - in fact I am not going to run again for a week.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 31 - 21st of April 2009

Went for a 1.5 hour road bike ride today. Pushed hard the whole way and averaged 28km/h. I'm happy with that as there are quite a few junctions and lights so I must be close to the 30km/h on the flat. Now my legs are dead!! Im going to do a short gym sesh and then a quick sprint home on the bike. Tried some tri bars but my bike is simply too small. Ill keep using it until I get to the stage where its holding me back...that as the title of the blog suggests, is a long way off!! Did pass everyone on the way today and didnt get overtaken so that for me is a fun little race win!

Day 30 - 20th of April 2009

Good hard cycle ride on the mtb to work today. Pushed hard and went quick (for me). Left leg much better. Feeling motivated still and am amased that a month has passed! I have taken 10 minutes off my running time and off my cycle time! I know its only a short distance but for me its a great start. Its all going the right way and I have never been fitter! woo hoooo

Day 29 - 19th of April 2009

Short cycle ride with the family. Legs is getting better but I'm nervous about it so will be taking it easy.

Day 28 - 18th of April 2009

No exercise for me today. Just relaxing and having fun with the family.

Day 28 - 18th of April 2009

No exercise for me today. Just relaxing and having fun with the family.

Day 27 - 17th of April 2009

Cycled to work on my road bike. Felt quick. My left leg is a little injured so I am taking it easy. Gentle cycling is the way forward for a few days. Im going to have a good 4 or 5 days off running.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day 26 - 16th of April 2009

Had my best run ever to work this morning. Felt fit and fast (for me!). Managed to do it in just under the hour and with an average of 5:40KM. This is great going for me so I'm pretty pleased.

1 month of training nearly and I have taken 10 minutes off my run to work and I feel better doing it. However, I am paying the price now, my left calf is v sore and I know that now I have to really rest it! I may be forced to drive to work tomorrow.

Going to do some weights today too but I am not running home. Have vistors this weekend so I think ill be mostly taking it easy and resting. I think it time to do that before I get an injury!

Day 25 - 15th of april 2009

Cycled to work this morning. Felt strong even though legs were sore. Kept good pace. Also cycled home but it was a nasty head wind so it was pretty unpleasnt to be honest. Not the best rest day day but hey ho, thats how it goes I guess.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 24 - 14th of April 2009

Cycled hard to work this morning. Legs getting tired and week but still ok. Had a slightly under energy gym session at 11am and also did some squat work. Legs are now very tired. Will cycle home gently..ish and then tomorrow, even though I will have to cycle I will do it on my road bike and do it v v gently. My legs need the rest.

Day 23 - 13th of April 2009

Decent training day today! cycled on the mtb for 40 mins to a friends house on the roads, good hard cycling too and it felt strong. Ran for 1:05 at 5:30 min KM so quite happy with that too. Then cycled home!! great work out.
Still feeling positive and am feeling fitter and I even have more energy! I know a lot of people I talk to think I'm never going to make this but it actually feels more realistic with every workout. If I had all the time in the world I would train more and better but I dont so for now I am just trying to build a base of fitness. Then in another 5 weeks or so I'll start the full Iron Man training prog I have found.

Day 22 - 12th of April 2009

As its easter I had a day off! too many days off I know but I have to have a life too!!

Day 21 - 11th of April 2009

rest day today again. Felt tired and sore so just went for a little bike ride with the family to local town in the heavy beast of a bike. I guess it was a little strength work out really. Great sunny day to be outside anyway.

Day 20 - 10th of April 2009

Went for good mountain bike ride today, went off road for a good few Kms, also did road. Split the training in half and met my wife and kids at the beach and then cycled back. Pushed quite hard and felt like a good general fitness work out. Must have been almost 2 hours in all. Was fun too.

Day 19 - 9th of April 2009

Just rest today.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Day 18 - 8th of April 2009

Ran to work this morning. Used my new watch which finally arrived yesterday. Was quite hard to use really and I think its going to take me a while to get used to it. I have now set my target heart rate zone to be between 147 and 160. I ran at an average of 161 for 11k this morning so I'm going to run back at less than that this afternoon.

Have also spoken to my brother who is tempted to do the ironman 70.3 early 2010 in the UK so I'm going to join him in that. I am tempted to do the Copenhagen marathon again on May 25th this year! its way to early but I feel like I need some short term goals - If I could somehow drag my self around the course in sub 4:15 then I would be very happy and I think it would give me a boost. If I am no where near ready I just wont do it, or ill do it v slowly as a big training day.

Day 17 - Tuesday 7th of April 2009

Watch wasnt there! got no sleep due to kids so feeling a little low today and I have no energy so im not bothering to even try training today. Its my first breakdown in moral for the ironman so far but I guess it will not be he last! hey ho, ill crack on tomorrow!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Day 16 - Monday 6th of April 2009

Cycled to work on my mtb. More fun than the road bike and slightly harder. Took me around 35 minutes and then I did a half hour hard run. Legs felt strong for cycle ride and the run afterwards wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! going to cycle home as fast as I can too so I can go get my heart rate monitor watch! lets see if it can help to make my training more productive!

Day 15 - Sunday 5th of April 2009

Was going to go for mtb ride but had a really bad night with the kids so my wife needed some time out and sleep. I got both kids up and put them in my wife's Christiania bike ( These things weigh a ton but you can easily put two kids in it! I went for a good 1.25 to 1.5 hours with them through the deer park, to the beach, along the coast and then to an Easter party! wasn't the normal workout but I can tell you that my legs felt like they had done a workout! kids loved it too.

Day 14 - Saturday 4th of April 2009

No real phys today. did small cycle ride to bike shop with my daughter and got a new mountain bike and got her a little princess bike with stabilisers! get them started young (she is 3)!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Day 13 - Friday 3rd of April 2009

Ran to work this morning and took 5 minutes off my time which I think is pretty good as its only 11km. My legs felt soo much better than the last time I ran.

I think my lungs are recovering slightly from years of smoking abuse too as I find it easier to get the air I need.

I also did an upper body work out in the gym and went a bit heavier on Shoulder press, Bench press and Lat pulls. I had a go with the squat machine too, really liked it so I 'm adding it to my little exercise regime when I can. I think the extra strength in my legs will help the cycling.

Going to have tomorrow off to spend some time with the family who have been very supportive so far.

Sunday I plan to cycle again.

Day 12 - Thusrday 2nd of Arpil 2009

Long cycle (for me that is) to work. Decided to add in an extra 25 or so km to my normal route (1 hour 20). Felt pretty good really.

Weather was very cold and I don't have any shoe covers so my feet were frozen solid! I could have kept cycling except for that fact! I felt for the first time that the training was starting to show some results. I know that my fitness can't have improved that much but I think my cycling technique has really improved.

I think my bike is too small so I'm going to get measured and get one that I fit - lets see if I can control myself and get something I need rather than a billion dollar pro bike!! could be fun.

Still feel very motivated. Am thrilled with the smoking (or lack of). I never thought it would be so easy! it never has been in the past.

Day 11 - Wednesday 1st of April 2009

A complete rest day! lovely. cooked a nice meal and chilled. Legs really needed the break.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Day 10 - Tuesday 31st of March 2009

After my long runs yesterday (long for me anyway) my legs were a little dead so I cycle to work quite steady. Didn't feel too bad really. Trying hard to keep the pedals spinning.

Went to the gym for 1/2 hour at lunch to do some upper body work. Going to cycle back too but quite gently.

Tomorrow I intend to have a rest day as my legs need to recover. I'm think that I may ride my bike Thursday but do a longer trip to work, perhaps try to squeeze in an hour or two before I start work.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Day 9 - Monday 30th of March 2009

Ran to work this morning. 1 hour ish again but I felt stronger. I think I may run back too but lets see. I invested in some running clothes and as much as it pains me to admit, the tights work!! damn it...all the years of being wrong!

Quick update...ran home! wish I hadnt though, it was a small nightmare of pain and tiredness.

Day 8 - Sunday 29th of March 2009

Woke up early and decided that I should cycle rather than run as I feel that my cycling is my weakest point right now. I did 1.5 hours of pushing my self quite hard. Trying hard to concentrate on using my gears to keep the pedals spinning. I found it a little dull on my own so when I get a bit fitter I'm going to try to find some other cyclists who I can join. Was a great sunny morning though and I actually enjoyed it..madness!

Came home and the family and I decided that a bike ride was in order!! oops. cycled around the local deer park and really liked it.

That's all the exercise for Sunday!

Day 7 - Saturday 28th of March 2009

Saturday is a day of rest for me this week. I think I have had a pretty good first week. My legs are v tired and just need a good break!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Day 6 - Friday 27th of March 2009

Had some friends over for dinner so had a few glasses of wine last night! doh! no smoking though which I'm pleased with. Felt a bit ropey in the head this morning but got up and cycled to work. I think my legs are now getting too tired but it was ok ish.

Went to the gym at lunch and did 30 min run and some upper body weights. Cycling home too so all in all quite a busy phys day. Going to take Saturday off as my body is telling me that its getting too tired now. If I feel good Sunday I may do an hour run into the local deer park again. Otherwise ill take an extra days rest.

Still feel positive but am aware of over doing it at the start! still a long long way to go but I feel like I have taken the first important steps.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Day 5 - Thursday 26th of March 2009

I ran to work. It felt not too bad but my legs were still sore from before so I need to give them a decent rest at some point. I was trying to work on my form but it was quite hard. I feel great about doing it and that makes up for the pain in my legs.

I also feel like I have turned a corner with the smoking. I don't actually want a smoke! My lungs are obviously a mess after many years of smoking but I'm sure that the exercise will help me to clear them out of at least some of the rubbish.

Not sure what to do tomorrow but I think ill do a very gentle cycle ride to work and back just to keep the technique going and to loosen up my legs! lets see.

Day 4 - Wednesday 25th of March

Today I do nothing! quite a relief as I'm tired. Tomorrow I'm planning to run to work - 1 hour or so.

Day 3 - Tuesday 24th of March 2009

I drove into work which felt like I was cheating! my wife needs me home early from work so it forced a rest on me which is a good thing as I felt tired when I woke up. I took my gym kit to work anyway.

I did a great work out on the bike in the gym - 1 hour of really trying to keep my cadence steady at around 90. I then did 10 minute run which felt odd after cycling. Now my legs are really tired so tomorrow is a day of full rest!

Day 2 - Monday 23rd of March 2009

So I cycled to work, it felt like I had a head wind the whole way but the trees weren't moving!! damn...I have a long way to go with the cycling part of this training!

I went to the gym at lunch and had a good upper body work out - just bench press, shoulder press, lat pulls and rowing.

I then cycled home - this went much better! the guy at work who did the ironman was talking about cycling and said that I should try to spin the pedals more and work more on the technical side of cycling - it worked.

My legs feel terrible but my mind feels great! Still no smoking and I haven't had a alcoholic drink since Saturday!

Day 1 - Sunday 22nd of March 2009

Ok, so I smoked all the rest of my smokes last night! perfect preparation for a run!! nice one.

My running buddy turned up at 10am sharp after cycling an hour to my house. So I feel really unfit now as he looks pretty fresh and ready to thrash me.

My plan was to start easy with a half hour jog through the local deer park. That wasn't how it went! we did one hour and I almost died a few times I think. But I ran the whole way and am still alive so its a start. It feels great to actually get started. I know I wont smoke today and I'm pretty confident I wont smoke for a long time to come.

Later on I went for a short cycle ride with the family and then a short walk so all in all a very good day. I'm sure that I'm going to hurt tomorrow but I guess that the whole idea!

Tomorrow I plan to cycle to work - 1/2 hour each way.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The decision is made!

I'm 31, I smoke, drink too much and am putting weight on fast! I have been fit from time to time over the years and even managed to drag my self around the Copenhagen marathon but I wasn't fit enough to do it, I had to force my self around the course.

I have 2 kids and I don't want them to smoke and follow my lead so its time for me to turn a corner and crack on with some serious phys.

A friend at work did an Ironman a few years ago and ever since then it has been at the back of my day I kept thinking. Well I'm not getting younger so that one day has to be one day soon.

I haven't actually decided which ironman to do yet but ill book one in October when I have a good few months of training behind me and I know I have the will power to follow it through.

My plan is to spend the next month building up a basic level of fitness and not smoking!! then I'm going to follow a 29 week plan as closely as my working life will allow. I have the backing of my wife which is a good start.

Well lets see what happens - training day 1 is Sunday 22nd of March 2009.