Friday, 29 May 2009

Day 69 - 29th of May 2009

Cycled to work hard again. Also.....sign up for Challenge Copenhagen!! Ironman distance race in August 2010! long law off but I have even longer to go before I get that fit!! great to have a goal I guess...gulp...

Day 68 - 28th of May 2009

Cycled to work hard. Ran with the local tri club. Did 5k at 5:30 pace. Legs quickly felt sore again..need more rest. Was good though and they are very helpful. Hope to join them for a cycle ride on Monday morning (bank hols here).

Lets see how that goes

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 66 and 67 - 26 and 27th of May 2009

Didnt do anything much yesterday, just cycled to work and back..which was quite hard in its self I may add!!

Today I did the same but I also went to the gym at lunchtime for 30 min work out. All felt ok. Did a little better so that is still improving!

My legs still hurt. I have found a triathlon club near me who have said I can join them even though I dont speak much Danish! nice one. This should help me as they have coaches....lets see. I start with a quick run Thursday evening.

Feeling more positive today and I have also found out that there is an Ironman distaance race here in Copenhagen in August 2010! I will be putting my name down for that.

Even better new is that a friend of mine read my blog!! cheers Alex, I think your my only reader! please feel free to leave a comment. Perhaps I should bribe my mates a little more!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 65 - 25th of May 2009

My legs are very sore. Cycled to work very slowly. I jus want to get my legs moving again as I am sure it will help them recover. I will do the same tomorrow but I may put in a half hour jog in the gym too to try to losten them up.

Wish me luck with that one as I know its going to hurt!

Day 64 - 24th of May 2009

Herm..where to start...Only managed 37K in the Marathon!! Not a great moment in my life but I have to be honest with my self and just admit that 2 months training just isnt enough after a year of drinking and smoking! I felt good for 28K.

I ran quick for 28k and then very suddenly my legs were in big trouble. Walked for half a K and then managed to get running again. Ran and walked up to 37K and then my legs just gave up. I couldnt move any further and I knew that I was done for. It was still a good experience and I know that more training will result in not only a finish but a nice pace for me too. I always knew it was a risk as I didnt have enough time. I will just put it down as my longest ever training run!! I take my hat off to all the finishers! I have done this one before and I now know how it feels to fall at the last hurdle. Oh well..back to training. I need to get my legs recovered now and then I have to get back into my training. My goal is the Ironman and now I want it even more!! once I do that then this failure will be put to rest.

If you dont try you can't fail but you can also never achieve anything!!

Day 60 to 63 - 20th to 23rd of May 2009

Rest rest rest. Away for a weekend break with the family to a Centre Parcs equivilent here in Denmark. Great fun, kids loved it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day 59 - 19th of May 2009

Did a 40km ride to work this morning on the road bike. Used the aero bars as much as I could and kept a good fast pace. Pushed my self quite hard and I can feel it in my legs.

Gym work out at lunch. Increased wieght for Squats too so I think my legs are getting stronger and stronger.

Will ride home steady. For the rest of this week I will be taking rest days (mostly) as Sunday is the marathon. I intend to run it (all the way) at a gentle pace and use it as my biggest training run! I have no time goal and really I just want to try to enjoy it and get some confidence. As the blog says, its 59 days so far so its still early days. I know that in a few more months I could do it faster and better but its not an option.

Day 58 - 18th of May 2009

Used my mtb to ride to work today. Kept a solid pace there and back. Not a massive training session or anything but just wanted to keep the legs going.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Day 57 - 17th of May 2009

Did a half marathon this morning in the local deer park. Around 2 hours, some hills and did most of it within my heart rate zone. Not fast but I was very happy with the run. No problem with my left leg so I hope that should be ok now.

Next Sunday I will do the Copenhagen marathon so I wont do any more running this week. I may do one big cycle ride and weights but that's it.

I feel quite confident that I will finish the marathon and as long as I don't get injured I really don't care how long it takes me. I feel that completing it will be a big feather in my cap going forward with my training. if I can then do a 180K bike ride I will be well on my way!!

Still no swimming but I hope to start that soon.

Day 56 - 16th of May 2009

rest day. Didnt do much. Legs still a little tired. Weather wet so quite glad its a rest day!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Day 55 - 15th of May 2009

Used my new road bike again this morning. Did approx 60km in two hours.Used the tri bars quite a lot and am starting to like them! Luckily for me a cuaght up with some other cyclists at the worst uphill section and drafted them for a few Kms, my legs were truely dead by then and the short break gave them a good boost. I thne led the group for a couple of Ks to repay the favour and then pealed off and went my own way to work. Was quite good fun.

Going to do weights today too and then cycle home.

Woo hoo, feeling quite good still.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 54 - 14th of May 2009

Rode my mtb to work today. Should have gone slow as today i think I should be resting. Legs are a little sore.

Plan to cycle 40k tomorrow morning but not too quicky. I will also do a gym sesh. Then Sat rest and Sunday a big run. I am thinking of doing 2 hour run Sunday as the following weekend I find my self booked in to do the Copenhagen marathon!!! oops.

Day 53 - 13th of May 2009

Ran 10.7 K this morning. Did it around 5 minutes quicker. I also noticed that I was running faster but still within my hear rate zone. I guess that must be a good sign! I am still not exactly burning the road up with speed but it feels good to see some improvements. Its less than 2 months so far and I feel so much fitter already. A lot of that may be in my head but who cares.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Day 52 - 12th of May 2009

Did a great cycle ride this morning. Went up the coast (where it was windy) and looped round to my work. 60k approx in around 2 hours. Legs felt strong after the first half an hour. I think I am getting used to the aero position and managed to use it quite a lot, it even started to help!

Had a gym work out at lunchtime which also went well.

Plan to run to work tomorrow and get a lift home.

great weather does help!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Day 51 - 11th of May 2009

Cycled to work on mountain bike today. Wanted a change and to use some slightly different leg muscles! failed, legs feel like lead!!

Going to cycle home, have some protien shake and then in the morning I am planning to do 60k on the way to work.

Day 50 - 10th of May 2009

Legs a little dead from yesterday. Did a 4k run with my wife while pushing kids in a buggy...harder than I thought it would be!

Day 49 - 9th of May 2009

Got up and did 38 k cycle ride at 30kmh avg. Then did 10 k run. Very happy with the training, bike and how I felt at the end. I could have run further which was a nice way to end!! I feel that I am starting to feel the benefits of the training now. I need to add some distance to my cycling. I also need to start doing some swim training!!

Day 48 - 8th of May 2009

Rest day. Short family cycle ride and just had a fun day really.

Day 47 - 7th of May 2009

Got the bike! cycled to work on it to make sure I had made all adjustments I needed. Very happy with it. It will take some getting used to as its got tri bars on it and is in much more of an aero configuration than what I am used to.

Day 46 - 6th of May 2009

Short cycle ride to work and back. Going to look at a bike this evening as I am sure mine is too small.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Day 45 - 5th of May 2009

Terrible weather this morning but I got my self out on the bike and did 37 Km in 1 hour 20. There are traffic lights so my avg speed wasn't too bad really. I had a great ride. Felt great even though I got soaked through.

I really think the cycling is coming on well. My plan is to do one big 80 to 100km ride quite soon to see how it goes. I had planned to run just after the ride but I was soaked so I decided not to run. I ran at lunch time in the gym instead so that I could avoid the weather. did half hour in zone 3 which felt easy and then did 12 minutes of interval running. all in all felt quite good.

Was getting impatient to crack on with some phys after a long weekend. Still got to cycle home this eve! good stuff.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Days 40 to 44 - April 30th to May4th 2009

Nothing! just looking after my two young kids....that is not what I would describe as resting!! was great to have a break though. My body now feels fully recovered and I have managed to shake the cold too. Planning on a hard week training to start things going again. Unsure if I will run or cycle tomorrow, or if I will do both! My do 40k cycle to work followed by 10K run. Lets see what the morning brings!