Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th of March 2011

I have had a great week of training. I did a really good hard 15 k last weekend in shorts and a T shirt as the sun finally showed its face! great stuff. I then joined a couple of mates in Bath for a decent 2 hour cycle training session where we took in 7 hills! I think we must have climbed at least 3000 meters. Also swam up at Bath uni sports facility - wow what a place! Its amasing how quickly you can go from fealing quite athletic to realising your just another civilian! these people are something else. I did a good 45 min swim and then gave in to the need to get out of the pool as it was just too busy. Really enjoyed the swim though.

Then Monday eve I swam again and we did 2k with good pace and very few breaks. I also did 30 mins on the turbo trainer - I did some single leg work outs and that was pretty painful :)
Today I did a 15k run with a friend from work and we did an avg pace of 4:30 so I was quite pleased with that. I think I could get that down to 4:20 pretty soon.

I was asked to write a short article for this website too http://www.newtotri.com/. I wish this site had been around when I started! If you want to see some bad pictures of me then thats the place :)

I may enter into a 7.5 k race next week here in Denmark just to see what I can do, will see what happens.

Have a great eve

Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday 21st of March 2011

Had a heavy weekend of drinking due to St Patricks day and 6 nations rugby but I did manage to train too! I went spinning last Thursday followed by a 5 k "as fast as you can" run. Then Friday was rest, Saturday I worked all day and yesterday I did a 70k bike ride in 2 hours which I was very pleased with. I feel I havent actually lost mucg bike fitness at all over the winter and I thinks thats down to a mix of spinning and the turbo trainer.

Today I did a 15k "as fast as I could manage" run with an avg speed of 4:31 per K so quite happy with that too. This eve I am going for a swim and tomorrow back to the UK. may try to get a short run in tomorrow but we will just see about that.

Take care and have a good one.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thursday 17th of March 2011

well the training is going quite well. I may have done a little too much as I feel really quite drained today!
I have done a couple of realy quite good 10 k runs recently and did a 60k ride on the weekend. I have also done some in door cycling and some spinning. Yesterday I went for my first swim in 6 months! went really quite well and I feel that I havent lost that much pace. This morning I did a killer spin session for an hour and then did a quick 5k after just to get into the habit of running after cycling.
Today is St Patricks day so a few beers will be had...oh well got to have a life too!
Plan to do some more cycling and running over the weekend too. Maybe ill throw a swim in tomorrow eve..lets see how bad the hangover is first.
no injuries so im feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Its been a while but I have been training and racing so here goes:
I have been getting as much running in as I could but itactually took quite a while for my legs to recover from the 50 miler. I added extra cycle training and have tried to keep ontop of my wieght.
Last weekend I did the Bath half marathon in 1 hour 35 which I was quite haoppy with. I would have liked to have done 1:30 but it was so busy that it just wasnt possible to get any pace going for the first 5 k or so. I think I could have done 1:32 but anyway,maybe next time.
I am now ramping the cycling up and plan to do one big bike ride every week from now on. Big starts off at doing a couple of hours at a time and then in a month ill take that up to 3 hours etc until IM when a big ride will be 5 hours ish. At the same time I plan to put in 1 24k run every week and a 10k with pace. To all of this I plan to add 1 shortish brick session if I can. Somehow I need to swim too!! damn, not enough hours in the day! I remember that feeling from last year :)
I am very happy with my running now and I am really going to try to run every run I do at around 4:30 pace per K. If I can do that then I can bring my marathon time down to 3 hours 15 and that will help. I guess I should be able to then do a 4 hour marathon at  the end of the bike come race day! we will see.
Weather is slowly getting warmer and I have even seen the sun come up a couple of times now!
Take care