Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

After Thursday last week I rested until Sunday. Sunday was my 34th birthday and it started at 3am when my family and I flew back to Denmark. After landing I drove like a man possesed to get to the start of the Copenhagen half marathon. A good mate of mine wanted to break 2 hours so I said I would love to come along and help him out. It was a very sunny warm day and I havent ever enjoyed a run more! It was slow by my normal standards but it was sociable and I just felt great the whole way. We did it in 1:56:30 so my mate was also very happy.
Yesterday I went out on my own on the bike and did some hill work. This morning I went out for a fast 56km ride with one mate and I took the front 80% of the tiem so it was great training.
Summer seems to be back in Denmark so I am going to finish early and head out to join my family for some play time! woo hoo.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday 18th of August 2011

Wow, I feel smashed!
My shoulder seems to have developed a rather bad pain so my 2 k swim was quite a challenge yesterday. Did it anyway but will be going to see my doc about it. Its been bugging me for nearly a year on and off and it just seems to have goven up on me! great timing!
24k run this morning! thats why I am smashed. was great to get it done though. Not a bad pace either so quite happy. Next week will be 30k (fingers crossed) and that will mark my longest pre IM training run.
so this week so ar has been good.
Monday 2 hours bike, 10k run
Tuesday 125k bike (110k and a 15k commute)
Wed 2k swim 30k bike (commute)
Thursday 24k run and 15k bike
Friday ...lets see how I feel but would like to get out for a short bike and maybe even a swim...we will see.
Challenge Copenhagen was last Sunday and a guy did the bike legs in 4:20 something! thats is just nuts!!! he did it around an hour faster than I did!!!! then he ran the marathon over an hour faster than me and he swam 15 minutes faster!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday 17th of August 2011

Last weekend was a bit of a throw away as I spent the weekend with friends and family and did zero training! Not great but was good to have a rest.
Monday I did 2 hours on the bike and then a 10km run which I ran pretty hard.
Yesterday I did 110km on the bike. Today I plan to swim and tomorrow is the weekly 24km run.
I know I am not in the shape I was in last year for my IM but I still feel that having held pretty decent levels for 2 years now I will be ok. I am not really going for a time so will try to just enjoy the day as much as I can and put in a better show on the run.
I am still feeling slightly tired most of the time as I am not sleeping great. I have also hurt my shoulder somehow and need to get that sorted before Lanzaroti next year. Will see how that goes today during my swim session.
Travelling back to Denmark every week has made it much harder to train this year. Need to work out a routine that works better.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10th of August 2011

Good god that was a tough run! I was done by 6km but somehow managed to get in the 22km. Did it with an avg of 4:37 per km so I am quite happy with that. Just think I need some down time and some decent sleep!
Swim last night was very good though. 2 and a bit km.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday 9th of August 2011

Back in Denmark now. Have done a good bit of training at home before coming back to work. This included a 20k run with a nasty hill in it called Brassknocker Hill - not fun to run up!! Also did some cycling near the Mendips with my bro which was fun and also had some "interesting" hills involved. I have even managed to get a little swimming done!
Anyway, this week so far had included a couple of bike rides (one pretty small at only 30km but it was done at speed) and a good swim session. This evening ill do another swim and in the morning I am being joined by 2 Danes for a 24km run.
Hope to get a swim in the Sea done this coming weekend as were off to Devon!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday 5th of August 2011

Hi all,

Just back from a nice long break in southern France. A very helpful bike shop lent me some FFWD wheels with built in power meter which I put on my bike and took with me.
The week prior to going away was a good strong training week and I really wanted to follow up on that. while I was away I managed:
1 20k run
2 15k runs
2 10k run

3 2 hour bike rides in the hills near Limoges in France. Some pretty decent climbing involved :)
I really loved the wheels and the power meter. It was interesting to have a new tool to use to see just how hard I was really working. Seems I can keep a constant 250 watt power going which I think is ok. I am now using it to try to build this up.

Here is the view from the house we stayed at:

and the other side:

Its a stunning part of France and I have never been on better roads for cycling! stunning scenery and very challenging hills. Some steep some just very long and rolling. The great thing too is that there were very few cars around. There are also a few large lakes in the area and you can swim in them.

Back in the UK this week. Have only managed a 1 hour turbo session on the bike and today a 20k run including Brassknocker Hill which is almost vertical (or that's how it felt!). Hope to get out on the bike tomorrow weather permitting.
really must swim tooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!