Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday 25th of August 2010

Well I have been very busy since my last post. My wife and kids moved back to the UK and I had a house to empty and clean and also a small flat to move into! I have now started the life of Mr airport lounge commuter man! Lets see how that effects the training!

This morning I did my first run after the IM race. I did a 22k run with two guys from work, it wasn't really the nice n easy run we had all discussed! we did it in 1 hour 37 minutes which for me was pretty quick. I could feel my legs get weak at towards the end but apart from that I felt strong.

Next step will be a bike ride back in the UK, maybe a swim and then the HIM on Sep 4th!

bring it gently please :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday 20th of August 2010

Today is my last day of being 32! age is starting to catch up quicker and quicker but I feel like I still have the edge on it for now :)
Finishing my first ironaman race has left a gap in my life which so far has been filled with having a few beers, talking A LOT about race day with everyone I know and planning my move back to the UK. I have a half IM race coming up on Sep 4th so I need to get back into some kind of physical training. Today I rode my bike to work and it felt great to get out and do something! my legs felt fine, I rode fast the whole way and I feel like it helped to shed the kind of self pitying feeling I had developed. I had planned to do a short run today but I dont think I will. I may go tomorrow for a 10k just to get the legs going again.

Its odd but I dont think its sunk in yet that I did actually finish. I have moments when I think to my self 'god, I actually have done an ironman race'. I feel good but I think its still going to take some time.

I am now starting to think of whats next, I am pretty sure I will do another Ironman race and I know now that my goal will be to do that near to the 10 hour mark. I know where I need to improve and I think I know how so I guess Ill just get started doing that :)

This is what a stupidly happy me looks like by the way:

This is what I looked like 14k from the end!!
13.8 k later this is me - very very near to complete empty fuel tank!

Im planning to keep my blog going as I still enjoy looking back at the last year or so. I am still on the journey as far as I am concerned!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday 17th of August 2010 - Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may have guessed from the title, I did it!! 11 hours and 12 sec was my time which I am sooo happy about! if I could have gone 13 secs faster it would have been cool but seeing as I would have been pretty happy with 12:30 I am chuffed.
I raised £1450 for Help4Heroes at the same time which is an added bonus.
The night before was a small nightmare as my house got flooded with sewage due to the massive amount of rain Copenhagen had! I was up all night so it wasnt ideal.
The swim was great! It was what I was most worried about. I made a last minute decision to start at the front of my group and just put the hammer down and try to get clear water. It worked, I was well ahead of most of the pack and ended up catching many of the groups ahead of us. My swim was 1 hour and 2 minutes! that was 18 minutes faster than my goal. T1 was ok, bit low of details as I dont really remembr it. My bike was in a submerged field so I kep my shoes off until I was at the start line. Bike went well, no punctures and I finished it in 5 hours 25 minutes! again half an hour ahead of my target so again very very pleased, BUT, I knew I had gone too quick and my legs were tired - great just a marathon to go!
T2 was ok, didnt take too long and I was in no rush to start the run anyway!
First step of the marathon was painful and it pretty much went like that the whole way! I had to walk through drink stations and I had to walk a few other times too. Lap 2 was my low point. I never  thought I wouldnt make it but I thought I may end up walking most of it! I really did hit a few low points and seeing family and mates along the way was a massive boost. Lap 3 was really hard but I knew I was only 14k to my target so I managed to run/jog again. It was an odd style I developed as my stomach was a mess. My legs were not the problem it was my stomach.
Anyway, I could have burst into tears many times on the run and when I crossed the line I felt a little numb. I was soooo soo tired. Quick shower and off home. Its only today started to sink in that I have done it!
I will do a better race report and put pictures up. I just want to say thanks too all who have supported me and helped with advice etc.
Next stop is the Vitruvien in the Uk on Sep 4th!! bring it on.

sorry to the person who took this. Ill find the link and post you details on here asap!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday 15th of august 2010!!!!!!

Denmark had worst rain in 50 years last night! My house flooded with sewage and I was up after midnight scooping shit out of my basemen! Perfect start to the day! Feel tired but ok and I am looking forward to it! Go go go

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wednesday 11th of August 2010

Had a few friends over last night so had 1 or 2 too many glasses of wine! got to keep the body on its toes! Was actually very nice to chill out and think of something else for a change!
Up early this morning, slightly misty head. Lunchtime swim at the lagoon in quite windy conditions, oh and it was raining! The good news though was that there were 0 jellyfish and I did it in 1 hour 5 minutes! woo hooo thats a PB by 10 minutes! No idea what went on but just went quick. Roll on race day! feels real now and I feel like I am ready!! in 4 days I WILL cross that line!!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday 10th of August 2010

Well in the end I did nothing yesterday! I played table tenning for 20 minutes and it left me feeling shakey and quite odd so I went home and did sod all. Not a great feeling at this stage.
This morning I woke up quite early and went for a 50k ride. I just had to go out and do something! now my legs feel a little used again and I can tell you its a good feeling! anyway I guess it goes against the gods of tapering but hey they have allowed it to be windy on Sunday so what the hell ;)
Tomorrow eve I will swim the course again. Thursday I may go for a very very short run. We will see.
Nearly there now! cant wait to get on with it

Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday 9th of August 2010

Well, a whole weekend went by and I did no exercise! wow, Its been a long long time! Feel very lazy now so may put a quick swim or run in later today just to remind myself what it feels like. Not really enjoying this tapering stuff much but I guess it makes sense and its quite odd not to have sore legs!
Just a few days now until our friends come over who are also racing (well, he will be racing and I will be taking part!). Seems to be on my mind a lot at the moment and its lead to some quite odd dreams! Last night someone stole my bike wheels!

In case anyone reading this is interested you can you follow progress at this site:

Anyway, have a good few days and ill let you know how I cope with  this tapering stuff!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday 6th of August 2010

Went for that bike ride yesterday afternoon and got beasted! we only did 60k in the end and I was very pleased to get finished. They set a brutal pace and I had to work very hard just to sit on the wheel of the guy in front. Great training but now I am stepping back and doing almost nothing as I really need my legs to recover now. Foot a little better and I am pretty sure it will be fine.
Heres so a few days of rest!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thursday 5th of August 2010

Well my foot hurts like hell today, which is nice! just bruised so I will now just not run at all for a good few days. Swam 2.5k in the lagoon this morning. No Jellys today so that was nice. Did a good pace and feel very cumfy in the water now. Im not quite as worried about the swim now. Little blowy out there so it wasnt easy but I didnt feel stressed in anyway. Just a little bored really with swimming! its not my fave part.
This afternoon I'll do a 65k burn on my bike with two guys from work. Going to just see how it feels and try to control my self. Then its rest tomorrow (maybe a swim in the pool), rest Saturday, small ride Sunday etc etc.
Weather is still very changable so will just keep an eye on that, even though there is nothing I can do about it!
Actually want to crack on with this now....I know I am just going to get more and more nervous from now on! I already get the wobblies when I think about it!
Swim, Cycle, Run - cant be that hard can it :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wednesday 4th of August 2010

I did the 60k bike back on Monday and I had a great  ride. Yesterday I went to do a swim but only did half an hour as we found loads of "Fire" jellyfish! doh!! Yep the name says it all so we got out. I think they have mostly gone now but it something that could be "Interesting" on race day :) Anyway the half hour swim felt very easy so at least I know I can do over a 3rd distance without too much of a problem!

Today I did a 22k run at 4:30 ish pace. Running feels good still so that good. My left foot is still sore but I will now not run for 3 days to give it a good rest. I think it will be fine.

Tomorrow I will either swim or ride my bike, you never know I may do both but I doubt it. I am leaning towards swimming right now.

This whole tapering thing doesnt seem quite right so I will just keep doing what I do and just try not to push myself at all. Appart from my foot today I know that I didnt push myself on the run.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday 2nd of August 2010

I have bad news and good news. First the bad, well my bike was stolen from work and my insurance refuse to pay up as the lock was not registered to the bike...nice! the good news is that it was my mountain bike! phew! that was close. My tri bike is now attached to me all day except for sleeping! damn thieving ........!!!!! I hope they have a terrible crash on the way home (involving only them selves!) and that my bike flies through the van and crushes them all!! (it was quite a heavy bike). My tri bike is now also my commuter bike so I think I may have to invest in a new bike soon.
I did a 90k ride on Sunday at a very good pace and pushed very hard to stay out in front of the group as much as possible. Today Ill do a 60k ride home and try to push that too.
Tomorrow swim I hope.