Wednesday, 19 August 2009

150 - 19th of August 2009

Just a gentle ride to work and back today. Plan to swim tomorrow. I am away for the weekend but on my return an ex swim racer here at work has agreed to coach me! at last my swim may get better. I dont bother putting some of my swims on the blog as they are pretty worthless right now.

149 - 18th of August 2009

55k bike ride. Pretty quick and had a race on the way back so that was nice. Did I mention that I won!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee

148 - 17th of August 2009

Ran to work 10k and then ran home 10k. Legs a littlre sore now but ill stay off running for a few days now.

146 147 - 15th & 16th of August 2009

Nothing but drink far too much beer! not a great fitness weekennd was had

Friday, 14 August 2009

Day 145 - 14th of August 2009

30K bike ride with some hill sprints (2). Felt fast and strong once warmed up. Will try to do more of this from now on as I need to get my speed up a little

Day 144 - 13th of August 2009

Rest rest rest and then went swimming in the eve with a triathlon club! nice to get some help finally!

Day 143 - 12th of August 2009

5K run with a guy called Stig from work. Nice pace around a lake! very nice

Day 142 - 11th of August 2009

10K run with guys at work. Good pace. Also swam for 30 mins this morning - really need to get some help with this! its kind of frustrating now.

Day 141 - 10th of August 2009

Did 50k bike ride. Felt great to be back on the bike too

Day 140 - 9th of August 2009

Did 20K run today. Very hot weather too so was hard work!

Day 139 - 8th of August 2009

I think I did 10Kn run, not sure

Day 137 to 138 - 6th and 7th of August 2009

Travelling back from hols.

Day 136 - 5th of August 2009

Quick 5 K run. As fast as I could again

Day 135 - 4th of August 2009

Just swimming in the pool and messing about.

Day 134 - 3rd of August 2009

Did 1o K run as fast as I could in France. Good work out as it was very hot too!
Also purchased my wetsuit! Got to love decatholon shop in France!

Day 133 - 2nd of August 2009

Just playing around at the pool

Day 132 - 1st of August 2009

Woke up to 25 degress sunshine in France and went for a 5k run. Quite hilly so a little different to what I am used to. We had a pool so I did a little swimmin too.

Day 129 to 131 - 29th to 31st of July 2009

Missed a few days from my memory here as I was driving accross 3 countries to go on holiday! I did a bike ride I think on the Friday and maybe a run some where too.