Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday 7th of October 2010

I have been doing a little bit of training each week. I do a 10k run as fast as I can on a Tuesday, Spin and some wieghts on a Wednesday and a 10k on Thursday. I then add a 15k on the weekend.
My plan is to get the turbo trainer set up somewhere and start to hit that a bit more or add some extra spinning. I know I am not doing nearly enough at the moment but I plan to ramp it up slowly. Its been quite hard with all the travelling to get the time to train but Im starting to find ways.
Must cycle!!!!


  1. Hey Johan,

    I hope your enjoying the off-season! Any plans to run a spring marathon next year?


  2. Hi IE, sorry for late reply!
    I am not sure yet.Im struggeling with my distance running at the mo but I guess I will do the Copenhagen marathon anyway. I would love to go closer to 3 hours than last time, thats a big ask though!
    Whats your plans?