Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday 27th of September 2010

Im back..I have been doing a few runs every week (2 or 3 10 k runs a week lets say). Today I entered Challenge UK and have set my self a new target of 10 or less hours! yep, almost impossible but thats what I thought about swimming 3,8, cycling 180 and running 42.2! Next step is to avoid divorce and then crack on with training...again. :)
Back soon, just need to do some work inbetween organising my athletic future ;)

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  1. Hey Johan,

    I'm not sure if I posted a comment already but congratulations on a truly smashing IM time. You put in a hell of alot of hard work over the last 12+ months and reaped the rewards at the end. Fair play for signing up for your next challenge as well, i'll be keeping an eye on the blog. I've decided to take this year off from IM and instead go back playing rugby for a bit and just do a few shorter races. Next year i'll return to IM again with sub 11 on my mind! Safe training and well done again!