Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tuesday 18th of January 2011

Had a great spin session yesterday afternoon at work. 1 hours of hard hard work. I could feel my legs this morning when I cycled to work! Then went for a 10k run with a buddy of mine. Was supposed to be nice n easy but we ended up pushing it quite hard. Felt great not to have any strange paind in my just legs just the feeling that I was working hard.
Tomomorrow we plan to do a 15k run but this time not going faster than 5min pace. We will see :)
Going to just chill this eve and try to get some good kip.
Have a good one.

I have had a few questions from people who have read the blog so I just wanted to say that you should feel free to send me a question, doesn't matter how stupid you may think it is. I have learnt quite a lot in the last couple of years but I also ask lots and lots of questions still! that's the beauty of the sport, people are quite helpful and seem to like seeing newbie's improving! I don't think you can ever know enough in this kind of thing, there are always people faster, fitter or just good at different skills.

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  1. Welcome back Johan! Great to see your injury has improved and that your back training again.

    I'm thinking about moving to a new blog as OYTIM was really about that first year, but i'm still training. I'll let you knowwhen the new blog is up. Safe training and keepn updating!!