Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Up to 27th Jan 2010

Hi to all of my 1 or 2 readers!
I am still training hard I just havent been motivated to update my blog as I dont even know if anyone ever looks at it!
Anyway, did 18k run today in -4 c and snow and wind..nice!
I am doing 1 or 2 swim sessions a week, trying now to do 1 long cycle mixed with some days of spinning and some short rides. I am trying to run 3 times a week, 10k twice and now trying get a long one in too.
Fitness has improved, have had some problems with my right foot but I think I am managing to control the issue. Too fast and too long too quick I think is the problem!
I will be trying to get back into posting from now on.

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  1. Hi Johan,

    I think I'm your only follower, ha ha. Keep up the posts because it's good to see what other people are doing and when you're putting in all these long rides it gives me a bit of motivation to get out there myself. I'm doing Copenhagen as my first Ironman too. Where are you based?