Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday the 5th of September 2010

Its now Sunday and I am feeling a little sorry for my self. I did "The Vitruvien" triathlon which is a half ironman yesterday and it was damn hard! My legs felt week after about 1 km on the bike! not a nice feeling. I had done 1 training run which was a 22k effort since the Ironman on August 15th. I thought I would be mostly recovered by then but I don't think I was. The swim started very badly and I had to stop and catch my breath, I then caught the group I was with and ended with a 33 minute swim so not too bad but I was a little disappointed. It went down hill from there and I just felt tired. Anyway, it was still a fun day and it was a really great event. I am very pleased I did it but will now just chill out and then start working on my training again. I will try to work on my power and speed now over the winter and see how I can improve on my 11 hour IM next year. Ill have to have a look for an event!

Will post pics when they come out.

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