Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thursday 17th of March 2011

well the training is going quite well. I may have done a little too much as I feel really quite drained today!
I have done a couple of realy quite good 10 k runs recently and did a 60k ride on the weekend. I have also done some in door cycling and some spinning. Yesterday I went for my first swim in 6 months! went really quite well and I feel that I havent lost that much pace. This morning I did a killer spin session for an hour and then did a quick 5k after just to get into the habit of running after cycling.
Today is St Patricks day so a few beers will be had...oh well got to have a life too!
Plan to do some more cycling and running over the weekend too. Maybe ill throw a swim in tomorrow eve..lets see how bad the hangover is first.
no injuries so im feeling pretty good.

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