Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th of March 2011

I have had a great week of training. I did a really good hard 15 k last weekend in shorts and a T shirt as the sun finally showed its face! great stuff. I then joined a couple of mates in Bath for a decent 2 hour cycle training session where we took in 7 hills! I think we must have climbed at least 3000 meters. Also swam up at Bath uni sports facility - wow what a place! Its amasing how quickly you can go from fealing quite athletic to realising your just another civilian! these people are something else. I did a good 45 min swim and then gave in to the need to get out of the pool as it was just too busy. Really enjoyed the swim though.

Then Monday eve I swam again and we did 2k with good pace and very few breaks. I also did 30 mins on the turbo trainer - I did some single leg work outs and that was pretty painful :)
Today I did a 15k run with a friend from work and we did an avg pace of 4:30 so I was quite pleased with that. I think I could get that down to 4:20 pretty soon.

I was asked to write a short article for this website too http://www.newtotri.com/. I wish this site had been around when I started! If you want to see some bad pictures of me then thats the place :)

I may enter into a 7.5 k race next week here in Denmark just to see what I can do, will see what happens.

Have a great eve

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