Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Its been a while but I have been training and racing so here goes:
I have been getting as much running in as I could but itactually took quite a while for my legs to recover from the 50 miler. I added extra cycle training and have tried to keep ontop of my wieght.
Last weekend I did the Bath half marathon in 1 hour 35 which I was quite haoppy with. I would have liked to have done 1:30 but it was so busy that it just wasnt possible to get any pace going for the first 5 k or so. I think I could have done 1:32 but anyway,maybe next time.
I am now ramping the cycling up and plan to do one big bike ride every week from now on. Big starts off at doing a couple of hours at a time and then in a month ill take that up to 3 hours etc until IM when a big ride will be 5 hours ish. At the same time I plan to put in 1 24k run every week and a 10k with pace. To all of this I plan to add 1 shortish brick session if I can. Somehow I need to swim too!! damn, not enough hours in the day! I remember that feeling from last year :)
I am very happy with my running now and I am really going to try to run every run I do at around 4:30 pace per K. If I can do that then I can bring my marathon time down to 3 hours 15 and that will help. I guess I should be able to then do a 4 hour marathon at  the end of the bike come race day! we will see.
Weather is slowly getting warmer and I have even seen the sun come up a couple of times now!
Take care

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