Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14th June 2011 - Bala race report

Here's an idea, let's spend the whole morning swimming, cycling and running in the poring rain and strong winds. That was not a pleasant experience at all!
Bala is a beautiful part of the country and I'm sure that if it had been sunny I would have quite like it BUT it was not sunny!!
I woke at around 6:30 looked out of the window of my self drive hired motorhome and could hardly see anything thanks to the fog! Oh no just like The Vitruvien last year I thought but soon my fears are lost as I realise it's not fog it's just hammering with rain.
Gun went off at around 9:30 and into the water we went. Very cold and it took me 2 minutes just to get the cold panic under control. The first few hundred meters are always a nightmare for me so I put my self right at the back, wish I hadn't as there were so many people to. Overtake. Water, felt ok at this stage, then we turn left and bam I get hit by wave after wave. This is supposed to be a lake, why am I dealing with surf! Left again and back into shore. Wow that was not Ann easy 40 mins. Disappointed by the time but considering conditions, I'm quite happy to be alive. T1 goes well and I'm off on the bike pretty quick. I feel cold and I put my cycling water proof jacket. On, good move.
It rains the whole. Way and the wind is terrible. It's a ha enough ride without the added bonus of storms so I quickly find my self feeling pretty tired. I am not the only one. I actually quite enjoy the first half but the last quarter is pretty hard going and I am very relived to be off the bike and into T2. can't get my lid off so have to ask for help, my hands are frozen and my feet don't don't feel like they are there. Running shoes on and off I go. At this stage I feel really quite good and the first 8k is going v well. I do the hill to the turn around and the rain picks up again. By now it's getting to me and I am tired and cold but I keep going. I have a couple of walks and my time shows it as it's a 1:50 half marathon. A. His stage I don't care as I am sooo happy to be finished. 3 people I know dropped out on the bike due to the cold and I think there must have been a 30 % drop out rate.
One of my toughest races. Great training for Henley and I now know that I need to pick up the training.
Over all time is 5:28 which is ok by me :)

More details and some photos ton appear soon. Off to catch a flight.

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