Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday June 15th 2011 - and photos from Bala!

Went for an 80k raide with the cycling team last night. Man thouse guys are strong. I found that on the flat I would have been able to stick with them but as soon as its going uphil I am lost. I need to shed a few kgs and increase my cycling kms. Concidering I did a half Ironman 2 days before I was pretty happy though to lead the 'B' group around. I know I am carrying a few kgs too many right now but I also know it will drop off gently as I increase my training.
21k run planned for this morning, going to be interesting to see how that goes!
more later

Update...did the 21k in 1 hour 39 minutes and was in huge amounts of self pitty by the end! wow that was hard work. Feeling tired but good now. Will do a 60k ride tomorrow morning and maybe another 60 on the weekend. Appart from that Im going to chill.

Update - photos
End of bike leg, legs went into cramp!

After Swim

End of the Race!

Start of the bike

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