Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June 8th 2011

Been a while since I blogged. Have been working loads which involves travel to and from Denmark so my time has been somewhat limited! The good new is I have my first race of the year on Saturday!! Doh! Bala middle distance which is a 2k swim, 80k bike and a 20k run. Herm...going to be interesting getting into that lake! Anyway I think I'll be ok, I could be in better shape but I'm ok. Been keeping quite well to my training, not doing as many hours as I want but I have a family so it's not that easy. I try to make up for it with intensity as much as possible.
Even better news is that I have a place for ironman Lanzaroti 2012. This is my "a" race and what all the rest of this years races are aimed at. I'm not really tapering for this weekend as I intend to use it a training day and build on it afterwards towards Challenge Henley in September.
My aim for Lanzaroti will be to try my best to go sub 10 hours. I am pretty sure I can do this but I know what it's going to take. Ouch.
I am supposed to be doing another ultra in August but I'm in two minds about it. Watch this space!
This week I ran 26k Tuesday, swam 1 hour solid Tuesday evening and today I cycled 60k hard. Tomorrow I'll spin hard and do some lifting. Then I'll rest up till Sunday, I may throw a jog in Friday just to listen the legs a little.
Wish me luck!

I'll post a race report ASAP

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