Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday 29th of June 2011

Well summer has arrived at last!
Its been a nice change to train in some sunshine. Its been going pretty good and I have been slowly increasing the training. My chubbyness levels are down to 80kgs again and I will try to drag this down to the high 70s over the next few weeks.
I am not doing a huge amount of kms on the bike but I am trying to focus on good quality training. I tend to do 2 60km rides at high pace, sitting on the front of a group or out on my own. I am now trying to push one of those rides up for 10 or 20kms a week and get it right up to IM distance. The other I will keep to around 50 - 60kms and concentrate on pace. My avg speed is up 2 or 3 kmph on last year so I am pretty happy with the overall picture. I am also doing some in door riding on my turbo to really focus on power and form but its pretty dull stuff.
The running is 1 longer run of around 20 to 25km and 1 shorter run at higher pace. Today I will be doing around 21km but my legs are already sore so I know its going to be a tough one.
Still not doing enough swimming. Really need to get into the pool and work on this! I may try this evening..we will see.
back later

Just finished the 22k run. Very hot conditions and I fealt my legs were a little weak but I knew they would be. In the end I had a good strong run. avg of 4:45 per k which for me is ok. Really enjoying the training. This eve I may even have a swim!

Update 2:
Well I did go for that swim! very pleased I did as my swimming leaves something to be desired! need to really kick my own ass and do at least 2 swims a week. maybe dualthlon is the way forward!!!

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