Thursday, 14 July 2011

Thursday 14th of July 2011

Wow what a difference a day makes! Bad night’s sleep, too much food last night, crap weather this morning so no run or ride! now I am all down in the doldrums! bloody rain. Its amazing how training/not training effects my mood. It’s actually quite a shocker to realize just how obsessed I have become with all this training stuff! I am missing one or days and suddenly I feel like a real loser and am trying to find ways to cram it in! I almost went and did 5k on a treadmill! wtf.
Am going to try to snap myself out of it and make sure that I can still live a normal life!
Back to the UK this avo to meet up with one of my best mates and get on the beer. He is forces so I am guessing we will probably crack some phys but this normally just means running back to his at the end of the night after 8 pints of beer! nice.
have a good one.

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