Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday 12th of July 2011

Had a good week last week of training. Added an extra 70km ride in on the Friday morning around Chew Magna lake area. Managed to find some terrible climbes which was quite fun. At one point I actually thought I may have to get off and walk my bike!
Then we went to see some friends and drank way way too much wine. Monday cycled 100km. Varied the pace quite a lot and burnt my self out a bit but I was still pleased to have done it. Today I did a 20km run in the heat of the midday sun (which is quite rare in these parts!). Hard run but again happy to get it done. I plan to do a 60km fast ride tomorrow morning and a swim tomorrow afternoon. Thursday I will probably spin but I may swap that for a hard 10km run..will wait  to see what the weather is doing.
Time is going pretty quick. Its only about 2 months now to the race! doh.
Take care

PS will update with how the bike and swim plan goes tomorrow.

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