Friday, 12 June 2009

Day 82 - 12th of June 2009

Ok so I went a little over the top yesterday. I did 20 min of "fast as you can" running in the gym followed by 30 min of hard upper body training. Then I ran home in heavy rain leaving my bike at work...great idea and it felt great until I woke up with very sore legs and I had to run to work as my bike wasnt at home!! doh. Anyway the good news was that it wasnt just raining very heavy this morning it was also very windy...great! Now I feel like I have run a marathon. But I do feel good for doing it. I know I have to work on my running a little harder so this counts as a little harder.
I am still very angry that some scum bag now has my germin 305 sports watch! Those little babies are not cheap. Oh well, better spend more time at work :(

Will cycle home this eve. Day of rest tomorrow and then try to joing the cycle gang on Sunday for a quick 40K and a 5 k off the bike run.

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