Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

After Thursday last week I rested until Sunday. Sunday was my 34th birthday and it started at 3am when my family and I flew back to Denmark. After landing I drove like a man possesed to get to the start of the Copenhagen half marathon. A good mate of mine wanted to break 2 hours so I said I would love to come along and help him out. It was a very sunny warm day and I havent ever enjoyed a run more! It was slow by my normal standards but it was sociable and I just felt great the whole way. We did it in 1:56:30 so my mate was also very happy.
Yesterday I went out on my own on the bike and did some hill work. This morning I went out for a fast 56km ride with one mate and I took the front 80% of the tiem so it was great training.
Summer seems to be back in Denmark so I am going to finish early and head out to join my family for some play time! woo hoo.

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