Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday 18th of August 2011

Wow, I feel smashed!
My shoulder seems to have developed a rather bad pain so my 2 k swim was quite a challenge yesterday. Did it anyway but will be going to see my doc about it. Its been bugging me for nearly a year on and off and it just seems to have goven up on me! great timing!
24k run this morning! thats why I am smashed. was great to get it done though. Not a bad pace either so quite happy. Next week will be 30k (fingers crossed) and that will mark my longest pre IM training run.
so this week so ar has been good.
Monday 2 hours bike, 10k run
Tuesday 125k bike (110k and a 15k commute)
Wed 2k swim 30k bike (commute)
Thursday 24k run and 15k bike
Friday ...lets see how I feel but would like to get out for a short bike and maybe even a swim...we will see.
Challenge Copenhagen was last Sunday and a guy did the bike legs in 4:20 something! thats is just nuts!!! he did it around an hour faster than I did!!!! then he ran the marathon over an hour faster than me and he swam 15 minutes faster!!

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