Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday 17th of August 2011

Last weekend was a bit of a throw away as I spent the weekend with friends and family and did zero training! Not great but was good to have a rest.
Monday I did 2 hours on the bike and then a 10km run which I ran pretty hard.
Yesterday I did 110km on the bike. Today I plan to swim and tomorrow is the weekly 24km run.
I know I am not in the shape I was in last year for my IM but I still feel that having held pretty decent levels for 2 years now I will be ok. I am not really going for a time so will try to just enjoy the day as much as I can and put in a better show on the run.
I am still feeling slightly tired most of the time as I am not sleeping great. I have also hurt my shoulder somehow and need to get that sorted before Lanzaroti next year. Will see how that goes today during my swim session.
Travelling back to Denmark every week has made it much harder to train this year. Need to work out a routine that works better.

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