Wednesday, 11 November 2009

237 - 11th of November 2009

Swim was a miniture nightmare! couldnt get into a rythem and I felt like I was stopping between each arm stroke!! My legs do nothing in the water except slow me down when I try to use them!! I still did 3k though so it cant all be bad. I think I may need to accept that my legs will never work in the water and just use my arms and only let my legs keep ballance!! Its a pain but I am not going to lose sleep over it! It would be very easy to get a little down hearted about the swim but when I put it into context I have still improved and can now see my self actually finishing the swim part of my iron distance race! will try to get another swim in this week.
Today I plan to go home early and get on my turbo trainier and crack out 1 hour of serious indoor cycling!! lets see how that goes.

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