Friday, 6 November 2009

182 - 232 Up to 6th of November 2009

Back again...I haven't been updating my blog for a while but I have been training!

My weekly training plan looks something like this now:

Sunday - swim 2 to 3 k (still my worst discipline!).
Monday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), Run 10k at 5min or less pace.
Tuesday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), swim 2 to 3 k with swim coach.
Wednesday - cycle 50k (some weeks 80k) at 30kph avg, cycle 10k back from work.
Thursday - cycle 20k (10 to work and 10 back), run intervals or 5 k as fast as I can.
Friday - Cycle 50k at 30kph avg, cycle 10k back from work, sometime throw in 5k run.
Saturday - rest.

I also try to throw in some gym work but its a little random at the moment.

This is my plan, I try to follow this as much as I can but I also vary it a little. This week for example I have done no big rides, I did some hill work instead as the weather is pants.
I plan to get a turbo trainer for some in door cycling too.

I have made some big gains. My heart rate is now between 140 and 150 when I run 4:50 to 5:00 min pace! this was above 170 only a few months ago. My running is much better and I have made a really big effort to work on my style of running, I actually think this is where I have found my biggest improvements. My advice is to run with better runners and watch how they run and try to take advice from them. Run tall and don't slap your feet down.

My cycling is ok. I have just booked to go to Mallorca for a week in April for some solid cycle training with 50 crazy Danish guys! going to be an experience! I think my fitness improvements would take me the distance on the bike but I really still need bigger stronger legs, I am now working hard on this so that my pace improves.

As I may have hinted above, I now have help with my swimming!! a friend at works used to race at club level and has been coaching me! it has made a huge difference. My legs are terrible still and I can only just do 50 meters if I use my legs alone! but we are working on it and my pace is much better, also I have more control of my breathing. I still have a lot to do but I am now confident that by August 2010 I will not be stopping at the swim stage!!!

I am using my Garmin 310xt all the time now and am getting used to it, I am also logging my training on line at Garmin connect.

I am fitter that I ever have been and I feel so much better for it. Smoking is a distant memory and I feel so sure I wont go back to it as I now have a new vice! 200 odd days ago I decided to do something for my self and I think its one of my best ever decisions! woo hoo for me...ok enough of that rubbish...I am off for a run..

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