Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday 12th of April 2010

Right, quite a lot to post today.
Friday afternoon I did 24k with 2 guys from work. I felt terrible but we did an ok pace in the end. I think doing it in the afternoon after lunch was a bit of an issue but I guess its good practice. Saturday morning I went to a friends house in the north of the Island and did a 90k ride with home and 9 other guys. I wish the Ironman was draft legal! you can go so much quicker in a large group! I found it quite useful to learn a few of the tricks like not breaking into corners or people crash into the back of you!!
We averaged around 32kph and I did take the lead a few times so I am not in too bad a shape. I found that I struggle on the hills though so less pies for me!
Sunday I did nothing and it was bliss.
This morning I did a PB over the half marathon of 1 hour 33 and I did the 24k in 1 hour 45 so I was very pleased. Now my legs hurt....a lot. Will ride 50k home with gentle pace just to loosen the legs up a little.

Sat cycle ride:

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