Monday, 19 April 2010

Monday 19th of April 2010

Friday afternoon I swam for an hour. Good steady pace with very few breaks. I feel that the swim is under control now so I will just keep it ticking over until I can get into some open water. Saturday I did nothing and Sunday I woke up with a slight hangover and joined the local tri club for a nice 90 odd K ride. I felt strong and led the top group on and off for the whole ride. We were doing an avg of around 33kph, we dropped a few riders on the way and all in all it went very very well. Road conditions were not great and my wrists and neck were a little sore from absorbing a lot of heavy blows on the way. It was also very gusty and in some of the sections I was leading in my legs were starting to burn.
Today I am resting and I plan to ride tomorrow morning. I am supposed to fly to Mallorca on Saturday for a week of cycle training! what is with this ash cloud!!!!!! I cant believe my only chance to get away for such a decent training session could be killed by an exploding volcano! arrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey Johan, great to hear your bike is so strong, especially if you were able to stay with the lead group despite a hangover!:) Best of luck with your flight this saturday, hopefully the wind will change and you'll be able to get out ok!