Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21st of April 2010

Cycled 50k yesterday at a good pace. Felt a little weeker than I have recently but I was also a little tired. Anyway it was a good ride. I then cycled home in the rain (nice). Today I did a 10k run with a guy at work and we did some 2 k intervals on the way..that is a long interval! We did 4 min pace (per K) in those 2 k slots so all in all very pleased. May be able to do 5k in 20 minutes pretty soon I think and maybe one day this year Ill get down to the 40min for 10k mark...we will see:)
The flight situation is looking much better and I feel slightly more hopeful of actually getting to Mallorca! but saying that all the volcano needs to do is cough and its all over again...nerve racking stuff.
I plan to do a 24k run in the morning at 4:30 pace.
Then I plan to pack my bike up, wash all my clothes and get ready for a week of beasting in the sunshine!

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