Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wednesday 4th of August 2010

I did the 60k bike back on Monday and I had a great  ride. Yesterday I went to do a swim but only did half an hour as we found loads of "Fire" jellyfish! doh!! Yep the name says it all so we got out. I think they have mostly gone now but it something that could be "Interesting" on race day :) Anyway the half hour swim felt very easy so at least I know I can do over a 3rd distance without too much of a problem!

Today I did a 22k run at 4:30 ish pace. Running feels good still so that good. My left foot is still sore but I will now not run for 3 days to give it a good rest. I think it will be fine.

Tomorrow I will either swim or ride my bike, you never know I may do both but I doubt it. I am leaning towards swimming right now.

This whole tapering thing doesnt seem quite right so I will just keep doing what I do and just try not to push myself at all. Appart from my foot today I know that I didnt push myself on the run.

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