Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday 10th of August 2010

Well in the end I did nothing yesterday! I played table tenning for 20 minutes and it left me feeling shakey and quite odd so I went home and did sod all. Not a great feeling at this stage.
This morning I woke up quite early and went for a 50k ride. I just had to go out and do something! now my legs feel a little used again and I can tell you its a good feeling! anyway I guess it goes against the gods of tapering but hey they have allowed it to be windy on Sunday so what the hell ;)
Tomorrow eve I will swim the course again. Thursday I may go for a very very short run. We will see.
Nearly there now! cant wait to get on with it

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  1. Hey Johan,

    I thought we'd move the Slowtwitch conversation over to the blogs! I am at clancymultisport.blogspot.com

    If you're looking for adventure races in the UK, attackpoint.org is one place to start looking, as they have a message board and online training log so you can find people based on geography.

    There are plenty of multisport and orienteering races in the UK as well as adventure races.

    The current world champs are actually from your neck of the woods, and there is an adventure racing world series race in the UK this year as well:


    If you go to that website you will be able to see the list of teams and should be able to contact the organizers as well.

    Good luck at the Ironman and let me know how the adventure racing training goes for you!

    Sean Clancy
    Boulder, Colorado, USA
    nuun-SportMulti adventure racing team