Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tuesday 17th of August 2010 - Did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may have guessed from the title, I did it!! 11 hours and 12 sec was my time which I am sooo happy about! if I could have gone 13 secs faster it would have been cool but seeing as I would have been pretty happy with 12:30 I am chuffed.
I raised £1450 for Help4Heroes at the same time which is an added bonus.
The night before was a small nightmare as my house got flooded with sewage due to the massive amount of rain Copenhagen had! I was up all night so it wasnt ideal.
The swim was great! It was what I was most worried about. I made a last minute decision to start at the front of my group and just put the hammer down and try to get clear water. It worked, I was well ahead of most of the pack and ended up catching many of the groups ahead of us. My swim was 1 hour and 2 minutes! that was 18 minutes faster than my goal. T1 was ok, bit low of details as I dont really remembr it. My bike was in a submerged field so I kep my shoes off until I was at the start line. Bike went well, no punctures and I finished it in 5 hours 25 minutes! again half an hour ahead of my target so again very very pleased, BUT, I knew I had gone too quick and my legs were tired - great just a marathon to go!
T2 was ok, didnt take too long and I was in no rush to start the run anyway!
First step of the marathon was painful and it pretty much went like that the whole way! I had to walk through drink stations and I had to walk a few other times too. Lap 2 was my low point. I never  thought I wouldnt make it but I thought I may end up walking most of it! I really did hit a few low points and seeing family and mates along the way was a massive boost. Lap 3 was really hard but I knew I was only 14k to my target so I managed to run/jog again. It was an odd style I developed as my stomach was a mess. My legs were not the problem it was my stomach.
Anyway, I could have burst into tears many times on the run and when I crossed the line I felt a little numb. I was soooo soo tired. Quick shower and off home. Its only today started to sink in that I have done it!
I will do a better race report and put pictures up. I just want to say thanks too all who have supported me and helped with advice etc.
Next stop is the Vitruvien in the Uk on Sep 4th!! bring it on.

sorry to the person who took this. Ill find the link and post you details on here asap!


  1. Congrats! it has been very inspiring reading about your progress and I was looking forward to seeing that you finished. And what a result! I hope you have had a chance to celebrate with some good beer or wine (or both..) :)

    Well done.

  2. Cheers Ken, it's always great to get comments! I'm off out tonight to celebrate! What out Copenhagen.
    It's been a great journey and I would love it if my blog could help anyone at all. Grab the dream, work hard and then be smug
    Let me know if I can be of any help. Johan

  3. Well done mate,

    What a day! I finished too although not quite as fast as you. It was an incredible race and I'm glad to hear that you made it and had a great experience.