Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 66 and 67 - 26 and 27th of May 2009

Didnt do anything much yesterday, just cycled to work and back..which was quite hard in its self I may add!!

Today I did the same but I also went to the gym at lunchtime for 30 min work out. All felt ok. Did a little better so that is still improving!

My legs still hurt. I have found a triathlon club near me who have said I can join them even though I dont speak much Danish! nice one. This should help me as they have coaches....lets see. I start with a quick run Thursday evening.

Feeling more positive today and I have also found out that there is an Ironman distaance race here in Copenhagen in August 2010! I will be putting my name down for that.

Even better new is that a friend of mine read my blog!! cheers Alex, I think your my only reader! please feel free to leave a comment. Perhaps I should bribe my mates a little more!

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