Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 64 - 24th of May 2009

Herm..where to start...Only managed 37K in the Marathon!! Not a great moment in my life but I have to be honest with my self and just admit that 2 months training just isnt enough after a year of drinking and smoking! I felt good for 28K.

I ran quick for 28k and then very suddenly my legs were in big trouble. Walked for half a K and then managed to get running again. Ran and walked up to 37K and then my legs just gave up. I couldnt move any further and I knew that I was done for. It was still a good experience and I know that more training will result in not only a finish but a nice pace for me too. I always knew it was a risk as I didnt have enough time. I will just put it down as my longest ever training run!! I take my hat off to all the finishers! I have done this one before and I now know how it feels to fall at the last hurdle. Oh well..back to training. I need to get my legs recovered now and then I have to get back into my training. My goal is the Ironman and now I want it even more!! once I do that then this failure will be put to rest.

If you dont try you can't fail but you can also never achieve anything!!

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