Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Day 45 - 5th of May 2009

Terrible weather this morning but I got my self out on the bike and did 37 Km in 1 hour 20. There are traffic lights so my avg speed wasn't too bad really. I had a great ride. Felt great even though I got soaked through.

I really think the cycling is coming on well. My plan is to do one big 80 to 100km ride quite soon to see how it goes. I had planned to run just after the ride but I was soaked so I decided not to run. I ran at lunch time in the gym instead so that I could avoid the weather. did half hour in zone 3 which felt easy and then did 12 minutes of interval running. all in all felt quite good.

Was getting impatient to crack on with some phys after a long weekend. Still got to cycle home this eve! good stuff.

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