Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday 18th of June 2010

I have been feeling quite tired the last couple of days. My bike is out of action due to a broken back wheel but I will have that fixed this eve. Yesterday I only managed 1 hour of phys which was a mixture of spinning and running. I just felt too tired to do anything else. This morning I cycled to work and then ran 10k off the bike. I am still feeling tired.
I think tomorrow will basically be a rest day as I have to travel most of the day to France. Sunday I may rest but if I feel better I will blast a 100k bike ride. We will see.

I was feeling a little down about it yesterday but I guess I cant expect my body to just get stronger and stronger and I think its time for a few easier days. then when its recovered and I have fooled it I will hammer it with 4 weeks very intence training. then 2 weeks of veruy chilled out living and then race day!

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  1. You've had a busy couple of months between your marathon, the cycle training camp and first tri. I wouldn;t be too hard on yourself as there comes a point when the bosy and the mind just need a few easy days to recharge the batteries! Just back from holidays myself and feel better for having taken a bit of a break! Almost there now!