Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday 1st of June 2010

Got up earlyish and went for a ride. did 90k approx in around 3 hours. It was quite windy so it was quite a good effort in my book. Legs were still a little tired from the 24k yesterday but once I got warmed up they were fine. I was on the profile bars most of the time and my position feels good and I am managing to get faster and faster.
Will go for 3k swim this eve..I hope its 3k anyway but we will see.
Tomorrow the plan is to do 10k run.

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  1. Hey Johan, looks like your training is going really well. I was reading some of your first posts and you've come a very long way, especially with your recent marathon time, well done again! Heres another blog of a guy training for Copenhagen, thought it might be of interest to you :