Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday 4th of June 2010

Its been a few days so here is a quick round up!
Tuesday eve went for a swim with my swim buddy. He decided that I was looking too happy so decided to thrash me! we did 200 meters warm up, 4 * 600 meters as fast as I could do 600 meters(which isnt that fast! around 10 minutes) then we did 200 meters warm down so all in all thats 2.8k.
Wednesday I had planned a run and a ride but was just too tired so I decided to can the day and just chill out. Yesterday I got up and ran 22k but this time we went off road and hit the local forest and ran around one of the lakes. It was a very hard run with lots of short sharp hills and no nice flat road! but it was much more fun and it made us work hard. Then last night I went to a new pool (50 meters again) and did 1 hour constant swimming with a few quick laps thrown in.

This morning it was up at 5:15 and out for 90k ride. Funnily enough it was only 85k but I guess my garmin watch must have had a snooz at some point! 2 hours 45 minutes (ish) and some good fast sections. Had a race with a guys for the last 10k and managed to stay on the bars and in front cruising at around 40kph. I was very pleased but very very glad he went another way after that! my legs were just about  to give up! phew.
Now I am at work and am going to grab my first cup of coffee!
have a good one.

PS summer has arrived! my son and daughter can prove it!

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