Monday, 31 May 2010

Monday 31st of May 2010

So last Friday I managed to get my self motivated and stop at the pool on my ride home. I put in a none stop swim for 45 minutes then went home. The swim was good and I feel that I am now in control of that side of things.

Saturday I went for a 100k bike ride, Did it in 3 hours so I pushed quite hard. I am going to focus on my bike and see if I can get my avg to 35kph and then start to do some regular longer rides of over 100k.

Sunday the weather was panst so I didnt do anything...which I must admit was quite nice!
This morning I was up early and I ran the normal Monday morning 24k. Didnt feel too bad but a little slower than normal due to marathon a week ago.

I have also enetered my first ever triathlon for Sunday morning! Its a sprint tri (750 swim, 23k ride and 5k run). I just thought that as it was close to home and easy to enter I would have a go just to get some practice!

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