Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday 8th of Deb 2010

Had a nice quiet weekend. Did not exercise at all!
Up at 5:15am this morning, quick cycle to work in -6c which was a real treat! even the brakes on my mtb (hydrolic) were frozen! Met up with a training buddy from work and by 6:20 we were running. 1 hour and 37 minutes later I had beaten by pb for 21k by over 7 minutes! 3 energy gels and two small waters were used on the run. My heart rate was 158 on avg so that was also an improvement!
My right foot isnt too bad either but I guess it will feel worse later. Im going to try to keep it moving as much as possible.
Ill ride home at the end of the day and then take my little girl swimming..then I think I will collapse in a huge pile and sleep!
My legs are tired but I feel really pleased.
Great start to the week.

Quick Update - My bike travel case arrived just now...its massive!! Next time I go on hols with the family we could put all our stuff in 1 bag!

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