Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday 15th Of Feb 2010

Well its the start of another week. I didnt have a very restful weekend. Did 1 hour turbo trainer on Saturday after running around a forest with my daughter on a hourse! was meant to be just walking around but the teacher thought it would be fun to run in 10 inches of snow...nice. Sunday did 2k swim which went really really well so am very pleased with that and then did some gym work to encourage my wife (who did very well) and also to work on my upper body a little.

This morning I was up at 5:30 again..very hard to drag my self up today though as I didnt have a great sleep. Cycled to work and then met one of the guys here and did another half marathon. Avg of 4:36 per k and a new PB of 1h:36m for the whole thing. Legs tired but mind very happy!

Have heard some really funny phrases recently from guys here:

"Pain is just weekness leaving the body"
"There is a fine line between stupi and cool"

My fave is when they say "We'll just take it nice and easy" with a smirk on the face which means were going to go flat out!

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