Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thursday 25th of Feb 2010

A nice early start. Woke before the alarm as usual. I can at least say that my body clock is now well trained!!
Cycled to work in -2 which was a treat compared to the -5 of the last few days. Got to work, changed and met up with my two running buddies. None of us were feeling great but we set off anyway. Two small water bottles and 3 energy gels on my we go. Ok so after 10 steps my left calf muscle is hurtiing, one mates heart rate is up to 170 and the other feels like hell, nice start! It sleated the whole way and after 18k one of my mates was in real trouble so I hung back with him. We met another mate coming the other way who joined us and so 2 went off faster and we just jogged along at around 5 min pace. My mate really had a hard run so I was just pleased to see him finish. We did it in under 2 hours so it was an ok pace from my point of view (5 min per K for 24k).
Now my legs feel like hell and I will not be running again before Monday...then ill do another 24k!
Will cycle home very gently this afternoon! May have a swim in the morning and Ill try to get a turbo trainer session in over the next day or two.

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