Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday 9th of July 2010

Morning! Had a great swim yesterday evening. Did 500 meters warm up, 1000 meters in 16 minutes (not pushing too hard) and then 500 meters of sprint and slow sets. Felt good which is what matters at this stage.
Last night my new Newton Gravity shoes arrived and I wore this morning for my 28k run! not genious I know but I decided it was make or break! Anyway, I had the best run of my life! I did 28k and I know I could have done a marathon in 3:30 today without being destroyed at the end. My legs still feel great. My calf muscles are a little tender but I guess thats due to the new shoes. Its great for me as its so close now and this kind of training is just what I need to build fitness and confidence. My training buddy did Nice Ironman 2 weeks ago and has been an inspiration to me and a great source of advice.
Tomorrow is my rest day so ill play with the kids and relax as much as I can. Sunday is a beast of a bike session! early start and 170k!

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