Thursday, 8 July 2010

Thursday 8th of July 2010

When I left work yesterday I knew my family were out and I felt ok so I went for a nice medium ride of 60k on the way home. I knew I was going to be tired this morning so I thought I should get the miles in while I had time! So yesterdays total for cycling was 140k.
This evening on the way home I will go for a swim. Then tomorrow morning we will do a run of around 28k.


  1. Hey Johan,
    Thats some great training your doing which will stand to you on the big day! My legs were toast after my long brick and run last weekend and could still feel it on yesterdays bike.
    Interesting to hear you talking about your swim in Armager .
    How strong do you reckon the current in the lagoon? and roughly how hot does the weather get in Copenhagen in August? (the small details are beginning to feel more important now!:)


  2. You bet they are. I cant believe how fast this is coming up now! doh!
    The current was not that strong, it was also a windy evening and the wind was in the same direction as the current so it made it feel worse. I still swam most of the course so it couldnt have been that bad as swimming is not my best!
    Its still a nice place to swim and it will be a great day so please dont start to worry about it! Thats not what I wanted to do. No matter how hard it gets im sure you will do it as you have put the training in and all in all its going be a great day! it has to be damn hard otherwise it wouldnt mean as much. Ill see if I feel the same at 21k into the run!!