Monday, 12 July 2010

Monday 12th of July 2010

Saturday I did no excercise. I took my kids to the beach and playpark and we had a nice ice cream in the shade. It was such a warm weekend here. Temp up in the 30s which we are not used to in these parts!
Due to the heat I decided to head out early on Sunday for 1 lap on the bike on my own and then the 2nd lap with a local tri club. Left the house at 5:30am and had a good smooth lap. Was taking it quite easy as I knew I would have a harder 2nd lap. My avg must have been around 32kph but due to a very slow last 10 (just rolling really) my garmin avg was low. I should have taken a little extra energy drink with me but I drank enough on lap 1 but it left me a little short for lap2 which meant just having water with some iso gels to keep me going. Learning about nutrition now everytime I go out on a long ride. Anyway, met the tri club and had a fantastic 80k with them! we set off at 40+kph and I sat behind two guys for the first 10k, one started to fall back so I went past and sat at the front with the other guys, amazingly still doing around 40kph. We did this for around 30k and then we went left into the inner part of the loop. Things move around here more but we kept it around 35 to 40kph and I stayed mostly on the front. I did drop back a few times to get a rest but all in all I worked very hard and really had a great ride. I did 160k in 4 hours 45 so I was pretty chuffed with that.
Today I plan to run a decent 10k but its v hot so it could be tough.
1 month to go !!!!!


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