Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday 19th of July 2010

Last Thursday I spent the evening fixing my older tro bike up and fitting it to my swim coach/running buddy! Yep, he is now tempted by the whole ironman thing! I knew this would happen which is one reason I kept the bike. Anyway, I re built the back wheel, fitted tyres and re cabled the bike. I also replaced the handle bars for a spare set I had and it now looks awesome! I felt jealous even though its my bike :) madness I know. So Friday we met early and went for a 30k ride just to make some adjustments to the bike (of which there were a few! good practice). Then we went for a fast 5k run. All felt good.
Saturday I left the house at 6:30 and cycled 130k to Møn. All went well except for the last 200 meters when I got a shooting pain in my right leg (butt cheek - no other way to say it). Not great. Anyway it seemed to go. Yesterday I cycled back and I could feel a slight something there still so I didnt use the tri bars the whole way! just to make it better I had a full on 18kph headwind for the first 50k! nice. Anyway I got back and managed an avg of 32kph so quite happy. I planned to swin today but I am tempted to just rest as I really want to make sure I dont start picking  up injuries. I may go and just see how it goes..cant decide yet.

I feel pretty well prepared now for August 15th. My running is the strongest it has ever been and my cycling is getting better. The swim is something I guess I will just have to get through :)

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