Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday 26th of July 2010

I rested on Saturday except for a short bike ride with my kids. Sunday was going to be a rest day but instead I cycled 170km in very windy conditions! Good ride and it was actually good that it was so windy as it did give me some confidence in the course. If its windy you will suffer a lot in one part but will fly other parts! good stuff.
This morning I tried out the running again and it didnt go well to start with which was starting to really piss me off so decided to just crack on and take short strides, well it worked and after a few kms I was fine and had a great run! cool... and phew!!
Tomorrow I intend to do a short ride of 60k to work and then do an open water swim in the afternoon. Wednesday a short run or maybe 21k. After that I will start my taper and do less kms on my feet as they need a little rest before race day.
I got a puncture on Sunday and I am soooo glad I changed wheels as it was very easy to change thet tube! :)
I wanted to tell anyone reading this that some guys I know are doing this:

A family friend of mine called Perie did Ironman Switzerland yesterday in 12:40 ish so a big big well done to her too! amazing stuff.

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